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Coefficient is a project-based collaboration platform deployable as either a J2EE or a Web application. It provides collaboration tools as hot deployable modules. It also provides a workflow engine to help guide projects through their development cycle.



Related Projects

Advanced Numerical Instruments 3D

Ani3D provides portable libraries for each step in the numerical solution of systems of PDEs with variable tensorial coefficients: (1) unstructured adaptive mesh generation, (2) metric-based mesh adaptation, (3) finite element discretization and interpolation, (4) algebraic solvers.

Libmfcc - C library for computing Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC)

A C library for computing Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC).

Descent - Genealogy software

Descent computes a variety of statistics about consanguineal kin from a population genealogy, including coefficients of relatedness between each member of the population, inbreeding coefficient for each member of the population, average coefficient of relatedness of each member to the entire population, average coefficient of relatedness of each member to their consanguineal kin, number of kin of each population member, patri- and matrilineages, consanguineal connections between members of the p

Pascal's Triangle - Dynamic GDI Visual

Pascal's Triangle Display is a program that generates colors for each position, from modular values derived from the triangle of binomial coefficients.

Chikoko - Easier way to compute on basic (and some advanced like quantum matrices over an arbitrary

Solves numerically roots of the chosen integral lattice if number of these roots is finite. Bilinear form matrix, coefficient graph or coefficient poset (through a Gabriel quiver) may be passed. It's should explicitly print out a set of roots and the regular tree of them. Solving of roots should work with forms having all the quadratic components equal with 1. Drawing a tree of roots should work with integer lattices with the greatest vertex in the poset reprezentation. It might not work with ot

Rt-digital-audio-processing - C++ Real Time Digital Audio Processing

An open source C++ real time digital audio processing library based on portaudio to grant portability across different OSes. Every algorithm is presented as a module to be added to an audio pipeline. Some modules have the coefficients design in the constructor, other comes with a Matlab script to calculate them. The initial implementation will be in floating point. Some of the current implemented modules: DTMF generation and recognition IIR filters FIR filters This library is mainly intended to

Libtaylor - Multivariate Taylor series arithmetics in C++

Libtaylor is a C++ template implementation of truncated multivariate Taylor series arithmetics. Besides the basic arithmetic operations the library also implements most standard C mathematical functions, on Taylor series. It is for example possible to evaluate the numerical Taylor coefficients of sin(2+x), which gives the Taylor expansion of the sin function at 2. This makes libtaylor a complete solution for arbitrary order automatic differentiation in C++. Example - Taylor expanding sqrt(x^2 +

Mypocketcal - Scientific Calculator for Pocket PC

The calculator is mainly divided on four modules i.e. Unit Conversions, Statistics, Matrices & Mathematics. Unit Conversion: All kind of conversion related to Mathematics, Electricity, Chemistry, Physics, Currency are available (currency conversions is updated using web service). The user has a provision to create new user-defined conversions. Statistics: It has features to do list operations which are min, max, range, various forms of mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation. It cal

Linear-regression-ruby - A Ruby Gem implementing a standard linear regression algorithm

In statistics, linear regression is used for two things; to construct a simple formula that will predict a value or values for a variable given the value of another variable. to test whether and how a given variable is related to another variable or variables. Linear regression is a form of regression analysis in which the relationship between one or more independent variables and another variable, called the dependent variable, is modelled by a least squares function, called a linear regression