CodeWeb: Mining Development Experience

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Open source code for a wide range of software is now in abundance on the net. The goal of the CodeWeb project is to data mine software development experience that is inherent in this vast amount of code to enhance future development.



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Webjestic - webJestic Engine - PHP/Zend Framework Application

webJestic EnginewebJestic CodewebJestic CMS is a basic MVC application engine based on the Zend Framework.

Openneptune - Distributed Structured Data Storage

Neptune is another open source project implementing Google's Bigtable. Neptune has the following features. Basic data service Single row operation(put, get) Multi row operation(Scanner) Data uploader(DirectUploader) MapReduce(TabletInputFormat) NQL(Neptune Query Language) support JDBC driver Tablet Management Tablet distribution Tablet MinorCompaction, MajorCompaction, Split Utility Web based Monitor Shell Swing based Query Browser Failover NeptuneMaster failover TabletServer failover Change log

Pku-cs - Code Search Engine @ PKU Asseters

北京大学Asseters�组开�的新一代代��索引擎。 地�: 论�地�: 开��程wiki: 项目�赖关系wiki: 如何部署codeweb�如何在codeweb上开�: 目�iSoCode�以检索大约200个优秀(是真的优秀的~)的开�项目,包括jdk�Lu