CodeTime Parallel Software Platform

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The CodeTime platform covers every aspect of parallel software from authoring, through distribution, to run-time. Its goals are: high programmer productivity; write once, run high performance anywhere; and wide acceptance.



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Another-php-library - Another Php5 Library

Attention! This project is no longer being developedAnother-PHP-Library Overviewanother-php-library is an object oriented and lightweight PHP5 library,made up of various helper classes. All you need is ( and will be ) just the php itself and maybe apache as your web server. Main goal of this project is to minimize the code,time and effort to implement common tasks for building a web site which interacts with a database. Don't forget APL is still under development! And most up-to-date sources are


Code Execute Time

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System for administrating timed sport event. 1. Registrating participants 2. Collecting chip code/time stamp 3. Generating result lists

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Time sheet application

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measure slow code with print statements

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A small but versatile timer for python code snippets