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Code-templates - is a templetes collection of some libs like Mpich Gsl OpenGl PIgsl Spice Kde4 Qt4 e

is a project which will be a series of templates for scheduling, containing basic as to start a project. will be used in many different languages and different libraries.

Codetemplate-a - simply template


Tcodeeditor - Powerful Code Editor written in Delphi

A small but powerful IDE written in Delphi. a.t.m Editor Component is based on graphics32 library. This will change soon, due this Component is to slow for my purpose. On the other side, I'll try not to use some extern code. Screenshot of my test program ImplementedEditor Box Navigation with Keyboard-Arrows / PG Down/Up / MouseWheel Line-Numbers Fully working Syntax Highlighting for Pascal-Code. Selection with Mouse/Keyboard Text-Input, Deleting, Newline Work-in-ProgressImprove Text-Input, corre

Darkstar-examples - Examples of darkstar use-cases (ready to be copy-pasted into your code)

This project is a repository for examples using Project Darkstar. It is a community driven project containing examples of all kinds of things. It is meant as a copy-paste place where you can contribute a good snippit or copy-paste some jump-staring code from. What may I do with the code?You may download or copy paste from the code into any kind of project. The whole idea with the project is to create some examples that you take into your project as a starting point and then you modify them until

Light-in-the-box - lightinthebox 模�下载 /source code/template download

lightinthebox 模�下载 zencart template download Installation: First, Extract, upload the extracted file to your host space. then delete file "includes\\configure.php" and "admin\\includes\\configure.php" if there is no file that list above ,Means that i have deleted them. Second, create database.then Install, make sure all the upload is complete, enter your domain name, like the normal Zencart installation process and the same, after installation ,open Phpmyadmin, delete a

Code-template - FDT and flashbuilder code template

FDT and flashbuilder code template


A Rails-like MVC javascript application generator with pluggable asset-management and code-templating


A simple passive code/template generator. Generates code once and then gives up all responsibility for it.


A Rails-like MVC javascript application generator with pluggable asset-management and code-templating