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Various .Net code samples.




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Code Sample

Microsoft code sample for developers

Sample Browser

Sample Browser is a one-stop shop of thousands of code samples from Microsoft and the community.

Gim-projects - Various open source projects by George Mauer

Nothing particular, just a collection of various things that I create. Create-Project Powershell script to set up and create projects (so far .NET only) with one command. OptionalPropertyInjectionFacility is a Castle Windsor facility for setting policies on which properties are injected. It has been moved into the CastleContrib project. Can't Dance The Lambda - Presentation and code-samples on how to use lambdas of all the time and for everything. log4net.GrowlAppender - Route your log4net messa

Mini3d - Mini3D - Java 3D engine in an applet.

Mini3D is a simple 3D engine that runs in a Java applet Models are based on geometric primitives: sphere, cone, cylinder, box. A model is passed to the applet in text mode, as a parameter. The text description is a concise vrml-like language, with motion and composite objects. There is also a php wrapper to embed the applet in MediaWiki the Wiki3D extension Sample codeSample code below for composite objects and motion. { { box w=50 h=100 l=200 trn(-150,0,0) color(255,0,0) [rot(15,0,0)] } { cylin

Protobuf-js - Protocol Buffers for JavaScript

NOTE: This project is just started and very experimental one. The functionalities are extremely limited and some of them may be completely changed in future editions. What's this?`protobuf-js' is a Protocol Buffers encoder/decoder for Javascript. Would you like to try?download ruby bin/start_server.rb access http://yourserver:10080/ click the `Decode!' button see the decoded message What's happen?Your browser downloaded data/sample.bin encoded by ruby-protobuf and then protobuf-js decoded the bi

Windows 8 - Using Roaming Storage in a Casual Game

This application demonstrates a simple game written for Windows 8 that illustrates how to utilize the Roaming Data Store for game data synchronization.


Code Sample is a windows tool for saving pieces of code

Wlst-archives - WLST related archives that were removed from dev2dev code-samples

This project will host the files that were removed from Dev2Dev code samples.

Codeexperience - useful codes & patterns