CodeQuarter AHP

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CodeQuarter AHP help the decision making problem based on AHP Technique. More detail about AHP technique please visit This project is developed in C# using .NET 3.5 Framework.



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DACS - Distributed Access Control System

DACS,a light-weight single sign-on and role-based security system for Apache or server-based software, provides comprehensive authentication capabilities, and powerful, transparent rule-based authorization checking for any web service or CGI program. The latest release of DACS is not available here. Get it at

Ahpy - Python AHP library

Library to manage AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Processs) models, enter decisionmaker input, determine decisionmaker consistency and, of course, determine the outcome. For more information about AHP, see for example

Youdecide - YouDecide MCDA Framework

Multi-Criteria Decision Aid Framework


bestalternative is Decision Support System using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) model to help user deal with complex decision.

Dss-trabalho-grupo-10-11 - Trabalho de grupo de DSS

Aqui vai estar todo o código do nosso programa em JAVA para o parque.

Pci-dss-cc - The PCI-DSS compliance checker is an online web app that helps organizations in the pro

Web application currently contains the checker that creates custom tailored self assessment questionares based on the specific organizations level (full SAQA to SAQD levels) which helps organizations to determine their compliance level with the help of an online application. It also contains detailed documentation about PCI DSS standard in Croatian language. This is an english version of our original croatian project Web application can be found on address

Eid-dss - eID Digital Signature Service

The Belgium Federal ICT Department (FedICT) is developing an eID Digital Signature Service under the GNU LGPL 3.0 open source license. The eID DSS supports the creation of XML signatures according to XAdES-X-L using a browser POST protocol to navigate the web browser from Relying Party to the eID DSS. After verification of the to-be-signed XML document (the visualization of the XML structure can be styled using XSLT) the citizen can sign the XML structure using the eID card via the eID Applet te