codepage converter

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A GUI frontend for the iconv, command line utility of linux. It helps users to convert text files to various codepage encodings.



Related Projects


cpDetector is a proxy for codepage detection of documents. It delegates to multiple instances that try to detect the codepage by different techinques. A command line executeable is shipped that allows to sort documents by codepage.


A easy-to-use player, can load and dragamp;drop rar/7z/zip mediaamp;subtitleamp;lyric. Full support DVD menuamp;TV, multiple audio,video and subtitle tracks. auto config codepage, font. Use mouse to handle scale of subtitle,video,aspect, DVD menu,scan TV

Bookleader - A program for reading plain text books

Two-side book reader program. Supports text justifying, different codepages, themes.

Perlio-via-preparecp - PerlIO filter for CP-1251 encoding

PerlIO::via::PrepareCP1251 is a PerlIO layer filter to prepare unicode stream to be encoded in cp1251 codepage.


Gaim RECO - REplace COdepage of incoming and outgoing messages for Gaim IM client


Tag editor for mp3 files. Designed to convert codepage for ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

Launchorz - Powerful JavaScript libraries for Win32 automation!

Please see documentation at . Write JavaScript scripts to automate nearly anything in Windows: open programs, simulate keystrokes, simulate mouse movements and clicks, and work with files. Comes with a dedicated code editor with built-in documentation, tooltips, and autocomplete. Language includes dialog boxes for interactive scripts and can be used as a general programming language. test.js:'notepad.exe')Time.sleep(500);Keyboard.send('hello


Program for converting text files between Windows-1250 lt;-gt; ISO-8859-2 codepages and Unix lt;-gt; DOS new-line character.


PROJECT IS DISCUNTINUED because poEdit now supports plural forms. GUI gettext catalogs (PO files) editor fully supporting msg_plural (plural forms) almost all codepages ISO-8859-* , UTF-8, WIN1xxx, KOIR8,..