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Project is aimed at syntax highlighting of code. It is not strictly oriented for any concrete language and enables user to define own language configuration.



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Rainbow - Code Syntax Highlighting Library in Javascript

Rainbow is a code syntax highlighting library written in JavaScript. It was designed to be lightweight (1.4kb), easy to use, and extendable. It is completely themable via CSS. If you have a language specific pattern that you want highlighted, but it does not exist in the language syntax rules you can add a rule on your page.

Windows Live Writer Codehighlighting Plugin For Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighligh

Windows Live Writer Codehighlighting Plugin For Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter. More information about the proect please visit

rack-codehighlighter - Rack Middleware for code highlighting.

Rack Middleware for code highlighting.

Lsl-highlighter - linden script languages markup and reference link creat tool via javascript.

This is LSL(Linden Script Language) MarkUp Library. You may display your LSL code in your blog easiry. Also this Lib create reference link. LSL beginer can study easy. please take moment to upload codes and more description..

Hyperlight - Configurable server-side syntax highlighter in PHP

HyperlightHyperlight highlights source code, pure and simple. It's Easy to use – using it is a matter of one function call. Easy to extend – write your own language definitions in PHP using regular expressions. Powerful – since the parser supports states, it can do so much more than just regular languages. Compliant – Hyperlight produces valid, semantic strict XHTML. Configurable – Hyperlight produces logical CSS rules which can be used by beautiful colour themes. Why?Good syntax highl

Powerpoint Code Formatting Addin

An Office 2007 Addin (currently limited to Powerpoint) which allows you to syntax format content (C#, Php, SQL, XML, etc) in your slides. Great for code examples on slides. Leverages the Actipro CodeHighlighter (

Codeformatterpluginforwindowslivewriter - Steve Dunn's Code Formatter Plugin for Window Live Wri

Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer This is the home of the Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer. This plugin formats and highlights source code, scripts, or anything else that has identifiers that can be coloured. Features:Uses different formatting 'engines'; in this release you get the choice of using ActiPro's CodeHighlighter or Alex Gorbatchev SyntaxHighlighter 2.0Can place the output into Windows Live Writer as either HTML or Images.Effects can be applied to images, such

Eclipse-code-highlight-consolas-fonts - Eclipse 高亮代�+consolas字体.epf

修正了下选用consolas字体,效果很�错. [http://iMoe.US/] Step1:下载eclipse-code-highlight-consolas-fonts.epf. Step2:下载字体包,请自行copy入控制��字体文件夹) Step3:选择 File -> Import -> General -> Preferences �选择下载好的.epf,按��示一路下一步��,导入�功��看到效果。

Onekeycodehighlighter - code highlighter in clipboard with only one key

This is the UI for the chc2c prjects.codehighlighter use gvim to highligher the code,so it support many language.The UI version could transform the code in clipboard or save it in files if you want.All the UI is a system tray icon with some can config it with config file. the coolest tool I created for my blog,lol. gvim installed is needed. cx_Freeze installed is needed. All the operation is finished with one keyif you want a console too

Code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard - highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML For

code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML Format)---abbr:chc2c the simplest way I want,the most useful the code highlighter. Using for publish code highlighted blog or anything liked. If you can edit your web freely,You can use google syntaxhighlighter alternative. ( I create this project because I can't change any code in my blog host. Target platfrom include Windows and Linux. implemented with Pytho