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Cxf-roundtrip - Example maven2 projects of how to get started with Apache CXF

Contains example maven2 projects of how to get started with Apache CXF using code-first and contract-first approaches.

Copasi-simple-api - Simple API for COPASI

A Simple API for COPASI This code is a C interface to the Copasi C++ library. This library can be used to read and write Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) files and simulate them using deterministic or stochastic simulation. Additional analysis, such as computing eigenvalues and steady states, can also be performed. The models can also be constructed using C function calls such as cCreateSpecies(...) and cCreateReaction(...). Antimony scripts can also be used to load models. The structural

Python-read-filepro - Python source to extract records created by the venerable filePro database pro

read_filepro for PythonPython source for extracting map, key, and data records from an ancient filePro database. Reads the raw files so a copy of filePro is not required. July 1, 2010 BackgroundRecently, I was asked to extract the data from over four hundred filePro databases created by an office over a nine year period. To hopefully spare someone else this hassle, I'm posting my findings and code. I copied 544mb in filePro stuff and ended up with 109mb in .CSV files. They were using filePro ver

Cicaar - Convolutive ICA with an Auto-Regressive Inverse Model

IntroductionThis is the open source part of the CICAAR project. Basically a set of Matlab scripts to wrap the CICAAR binaries. his project is intented to take over from the old CICAAR page ... go there to get the binaries. How to obtain the codeFirst, go get the Matlab scripts needed to run CICAAR: Make sure SVN is installed on your machine (why?): (Mac) To install SVN on a Mac follow steps 1,2,3 given here (Linux) To install SVN on Linux is very easy using apt-get or find it in the synaptic pac


FluentMetadata for Models with Composition and Validation for ASP.NET MVC 2&3, FluentNHibernate and Entity Framework 4 CodeFirst with Feature CTP 4