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CodeEdit is a more code based version of notepad. It's developed in C#.



Related Projects

Qtcodepad - Simple Code Editor

Simple Code Editor with tab view, line number and Syntax Highlighter. Base on Qt 4.6 Some code is coming from Qt examples.

Notepad2modification - a modification of Notepad2

Notepad2 Modificationthis is a modification of notepad2 where it includes NSIS, Autoit, AutoHotkey syntax color schemes also supports code folding. some new features will hopefully integrate something like intellisense into the application as well.

Nabicht - A web-based project management system

Nabicht (Not A BIg CHildren's Toy) is a web-based project management system. It will provide code editing functionality, including syntax highlighting, checking, and auto-completion, coupled with Subversion repository access - all from within a web browser. Current status: Nabicht can currently display basic repository information for any given Google Code project, including revision history and commits by author. Note: Although Peter Nabicht is one of our colleagues, he is NOT a developer on th

Google-translate-idea-plugin - Intellij IDEA plugin for google-translate

This plugin performs translations in Editor window from one language to another. It uses "" service behind the scene. Plugin is especially convenient when you are trying to translate long files in your project for different languages. Plugin adds "Translate" item into popup menu for the editor (also, in "Code" menu and "Generate" group). It also have separate configuration screen for selecting "from" and "to" languages.

CodeEdit - JavaScript TextEditor

JavaScript TextEditor