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CodeCracker is a great little MasterMind like game for the Palm Pilot. A fantastic little mind teaser.



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This is a semi-automated online judge system used to test user programs and handle the database in the online programming contests. The system can compile and execute your code and test your code with previously constructed input data. The submitted code runs with restrictions such as time limit, memory limit and security restrictions as well. The output of the submitted code will be checked with the judge output and result will be returned. The package is designed such that the submitted codes

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An online judge is an online system to test programs in programming contests. They are also used to practice for such contests. The system can compile and execute your code, and test your code with pre-constructed data. Submitted code may be run with restrictions, including time limit, memory limit, security restriction and so on. The output of the code will be captured by the system, and compared with the standard output. The system will then return the result. This judge runs on Linux machines

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