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Colorize source code.



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Codedrawer - convert programming code to html code in python

将代�转�为��HTML代� 在线版展示页�: 欢迎围观

Codecolorerdotnet - CodeColorer.NET

Программа дл� под�веки и�ходного кода

Django-markdown2 - Django template tag which uses python-markdown2 library.

This is a simple app, which supplies a single template tag for markdown markup. Dependenciesdjango-markdown2 depends on python-markdown2, which can be found at SourcesPlease note, that this is not main repository. Active development is in the GIT. Download latest sources from git clone git:// Installation and usage Place django_markdown2 somewhere in your PYTHON

Ariah - Instant `rel` attributes for hyperlinks and client-side templates.

Ariah: Re-imagine the WebAriah is a JavaScript through which Web designers can deploy custom hyperlink relationships and client-side data format converters, in a way that remains accessible for unscripted browsers. For example, <a href="readme.text" rel="include" type="text/x-markdown"> Release Notes</a> Ariah detects that the author wants the linked resource included as inline XHTML, and that it requires conversion from Markdown format. So, Ariah downloads the file, converts it, and replaces th


Automatically wraps Markdown code blocks (indented by 4 spaces or a tab) in CodeColorer tags.


WordPress plugin which allows you to insert code snippets into the post with nice syntax highlighting.