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CSharpCodeAssistant is a visual studio addin which can add constructors and properties, improve intellisense etc. This project is intended for c# developers. Please see the documentation for more details.




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TytanNET - Visual Studio Great Add-in

TytanNET is an extension for Visual Studio providing a set of useful toolwindows, refactoring methods, debugging-time visualizers and special data insertion/edition inside current code windows. It will reduce your coding effort in number of places today!

Vim-python-ide - Tring to create complete Vim/gVim-based Python IDE.

Done: Code Highlight Project folder navigation by NERDTree. Fast comment/uncomment of code using NERDCommenter plugin (with a little fix). Source encodings change. On-fly highlighting differences with the repository (svn, cvs, hg, git, Perforce / p4) - svndiff Highlight all occurrences of the variable/function/word under cursor On-fly code checking by Pylint with errors/warnings highlighting (experimental) and code rate. ropevim integration (tested features): Added shortcut hint into menu items

As-code-completion - actionscript 3 code completion written in actionscript 3 for flash player, avms

ActionScript 3 Code CompletionThis software will run in Flash Player in a standard web browser. It will be an integrated development environment (IDE) capable of handling ActionScript projects targeting Flash Player, tamarin avmshell and mod-actionscript The project has just been started, it is currently in research phase. We want to find if we can trick Flash Player to handle a code completion engine at a decent speed. If we succeed, you will be able to edit and compile client-side and server-s

Minibuilder - Flash based IDE for ActionScript

MiniBuilder screenshots on Ubuntu Linux IntroductionFlash MiniBuilder is a lightweight IDE created for developing programs written in ActionScript 3. Flash MiniBuilder is itself written in ActionScript Two of the main raison d'etre of MiniBuilder are provide a completely free and cross platform alternative for developing ActionScript projects. provide an editor with a small footprint that would eventually run on smaller computers like netbooks or even pocket-size devices. Extending, changing (an


Creates a code assist menu within textarea and input fields, which allows users to select from a list of suggested values. This effect is triggered by the entry of a key character such as %, $ or [