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Codea, the C++ Object-Oriented Development Environment for Apache, greatly simplifies the use of C++ in writing modules for Apache 2.0.



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Codea-Runtime - Codea Runtime Library for iPad by Two Lives Left

Codea Runtime Library for iPad by Two Lives Left

load81 - SDL based Lua programming environment for kids similar to Codea

SDL based Lua programming environment for kids similar to Codea

Ruby-protobuf - Protocol Buffers for Ruby

What's this?Protocol Buffers for Ruby. Source svn repository will be closed. Latest changes are on GitHub only. Installsudo gem install ruby_protobufQuick ExamplesGenerate Ruby CodeA .proto file like this: package tutorial;message Person { required string name = 1; required int32 id = 2; optional string email = 3;}generates ruby code like this: module Tutorial class Person < ::Prot

Rest-hdbc - A RESTful HTTP-to-Database-Connector

A connector working between a database and a web server,enables internet users to manipulate data through a URL with standard HTTP methods (GET,POST,PUT,DELETE) This work does not just map the key words between select,insert,update,delete with 4 HTTP methods name, it also includes a set of URL syntax used to manipulate, associate, filter and sort data without running SQL. The data self is transformed into ATOM format running on a ATOM publish protocol. Code here consists all connector source cod

Projekti - Testi projekti

Testataan google codea

.Net Source Code Syntax Highligher

High efficiency, detailed syntax highlighter for .Net source code.(a developer resource)

Savetheworld - crack it

crack the code and safe the world dont crack the code distroy the world

Atomos - Atomic OS: A self-contained microsystem &amp; JavaScript RIA/SPA library.

SynopsisAtomic OS is a "live" OS-like environment and SPA library/template for web app development. At it's core, Atomic OS aims to provide to web developers features that desktop dev's take for granted: basic operating system features like a command interpreter and filesystem. Included in Atomic OS is a simple scriptable command shell and basic desktop environment, giving developers absolute runtime access to their RIA & SPA applications. Atomic OS hopes to help ameliorate dependence on the clo

Ariah - Instant `rel` attributes for hyperlinks and client-side templates.

Ariah: Re-imagine the WebAriah is a JavaScript through which Web designers can deploy custom hyperlink relationships and client-side data format converters, in a way that remains accessible for unscripted browsers. For example, <a href="readme.text" rel="include" type="text/x-markdown"> Release Notes</a> Ariah detects that the author wants the linked resource included as inline XHTML, and that it requires conversion from Markdown format. So, Ariah downloads the file, converts it, and replaces th

Drycss - css framework written in javscript

Project move to my own repository please visit: for the latest version. dryCssThis is a Css framework written in javascript. For now only the parser will be presented, i'm actually working on it, and then will work on a web gui. What mean dryCssDRY is an acronym meaning Dont't Repeat Yourself. If you're looking at this page i suppose that you already know what Css stand for. What is it ?This is a tool to assist you in creating css quicker. W