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Code4Blog is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that allows to convert any code supported by Visual Studio IDE to HTML format with keeping same structure and colors.



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A simple Open Source Blog using ASP.NET MVC 4, jQuery, Entity Framework Code First and SQL CE 4 or SQL Server 2008/2012.

Google-python-library - python google search without api

4 real. i haven't imported the code here, but visit: keywords: python, xgoogle, google search, google, search, pygoogle, google api, api

Sammy the Snake

Sammy the Snake is a demo Zune game made for an article on Microsoft's Coding4Fun blog. Sammy the Snake and the article were written by Nick Gravelyn ([url:]) All artwork provided by George Clingerman ([url:])

Evis-blogenginedotnet - A customized BlogEngine.NET

EvisBlog.NETThis project is suspended, while the sourcecode is "AS-IS". Mainstream BlogEngine.NET development is really active and entering its v2.0 stage. There are several alternatives of ACCESS DB for light-weight solutions, please browse for details. Btw, myself is a fun of BlogEngine.NET. Project IntroductionThis project is meant to maintain the source code of a customized BlogEngine.NET for my personal web site. The base version of BlogEngine.NET is

Bloggie - A simple blogging engine...

The aim for Bloggie is to be a blogging environment for Developers and Programmers. will host blogs under the freemium model, however, the source code will always be available. The open source licence has not been chosen yet. Bloggie will be written in C# .NET 4.0 for ASP.NET and IIS6/7. Should developers wish to add extra functionality, then can do so with Extensions.

Multithreadedtc-junit4 - JUnit 4 enhanced version of the MultiThreadedTC project

This is a copy of the multithreaded TC project ( with enhancements for JUnit4. See a blog post of mine with more details: I would like to contribute this to the multithreaded TC project itself, but I haven't been able to get in touch with the authors yet.

Lcy-simpleblog - a simple blog written by catalyst

I belive catalyst is a beautiful framework. The main goal is to study: 1. how to promote web performance; 2. how to expand architecture 3. how to modularize code 4. how to use extreme programming 5. study new technique. catalyst + posgresql now.

Theokayblog - The O-Kay-Blog, Bloggart powered by kay framework

Update 2nd Nov 2011 The O-Kay-Blog will no longer be maintained as I have stopped using Google App Engine. You are free to continue using the source code of this blogging engine. Latest release on 2nd July 2010 using new buzzapp theme for both admin and public website using textile for markup of post body added post preview added syntax highlighting for programming language code in post body css and js files are compressed using 'python compile_media' The O-Kay-Blog is a Google App Eng

Code2blog - A pyGTK front-end to GNU/Source-Highlight for easy conversion from source code to HTML

OVERVIEWI wanted to be able to copy a snippet of source code from my text editor, convert it into color-coded HTML, and paste that into my blog. I found some Windows programs for this but I'm a Linux user. So I wrote my own in Python. code2blog is a pyGTK front-end to Lorenzo Bettini's excellent command-line utility GNU/Source-Highlight. The goal of this utility is easy conversion of source code into HTML. It supports multiple languages and output formats. You can specify tab size and line numbe

Smerl - Simple Metaprogramming for Erlang

NOTE: SINCE ErlyWeb 0.4, Smerl IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED IN THIS LOCATION. THE CURRENT VERSION OF Smerl IS NOW IN THE ErlyWeb REPOSITORY AT Smerl is a library that simplifies the generation and manipulation of Erlang code in runtime. Complete documentation is only in the code for now. You can also visit the Smerl blog, currently at http://yarivsblog/articles/tag/smerl, for announcements, tutorials and examples.