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Code-dump is an Objective C program that decompiles PPC Objective C programs on Mac OS X, relying on their inherently structured format.



Related Projects

Memprof - A Ruby gem for memory profiling

Memprof is a Ruby level memory profiler that can help you find reference leaks in your application. Memprof can also do very lightweight function call tracing to help you figure out which system calls, and library calls your code causes. Ruby memory profiler similar to bleak_house, but without patches to the Ruby VM.

FlashPreloadProfiler - Good alternative to Adobe Flex Profiler

FlashPreloadProfiler is an multi-purpose profiler designed to help productivity and stability during development of any flash scene. It gives access to more profiling tools like Overdraw graph, Mouse listeners graph, Internal events time repartition, Instantiation Statistics/StackTrace for all object (including Temporary object), Sampling data "Dump", hook on ANY flash app, local or web, debug or release.

Cdumpbmp - Dump C code for BMP files

A simple tool to dump graphical BMP files as C arrays, ready for use in C code.

Tootmidiseq - Reinterpretation of RealTimeSequencer

Somewhere to dump immature code related to Midi sequencing.

Jra-go - jra's Go thingies

A place to dump experiments in Go coding.

Robcthegeek - Codepit for robcthegeek

Dump for various labs/snippets of code for @robcthegeek.

Xdump - Php Extended Dump Class

Pumped up php's var_dump. Sniffs recursion and outputs (clean) html+js expandable-contractible tree of the dumped var. Supports nifty utilities like backtrace() (readable php debug_backtrace(). Shows the source code lines where dump was called and, in the backtrace method, the source lines of every code jump. Try it and make me know.

Pythonsnapshot - Create mini-dump not only for the native code, but also those implemented in python

PythonSnapshot is to save the current python internal states. We have the following three milestones. 1. Python internal dump: The first milestone is to save the runtime internal states into a file, so that we can further investigate what had happened inside. 2. The ability to halt the application: Those states saved in the milestone 1 do not mean they are mutually consistent. We have halt the application and dump out all the information. 3. Dump native dump: Not only dump python states, but als

Olwtools - A collection of small but usefull utilities

This is where I dump most of the code I wrote. Go to my website to see descriptions.

Testing-tools - different java testing tools

Some tools thats simplifies testing of java code. For now pack includes only dump uploader for mysql and postgresql. Simple using. Just put same piece of code to you @BeforeClass method: new DumpLoadHelper("", "dump.sql").load();or if you want to use few dumps: new DumpLoadHelper("", new String[]{"dump1.sql", "dump2.sql", "dump3.sql"}).load();or in case if your file name is "" you can remove this parameter becau