SharpDevelop Plugin For Cobra Programming Language

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SharpDevelop plugin for COBRA programming language makes it easier for cobra programmers to work on windows. It is developed in C#. It is primitive and not official. Cobra Programming Language has been created by Mr. Chuck Esterbrook. Plugin for COBRA Programming Language.



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Deadly Cobra

Deadly Cobra is an SDL based game similar to the classic Nibbles or snake game. The point is to eat as many quot;Menquot; as possible without eating yourself or hitting a wall. Features include single amp; multiplayer modes, cool 2-D graphics and great music.

Lobo - Java Web Browser

Lobo is an extensible all-Java web browser and RIA platform. It supports HTML 4, Javascript (AJAX) and CSS 2 plus direct JavaFX and Java (Swing/AWT) rendering. Cobra is the web browser's renderer API; also a Javascript-aware HTML parser.


Repository for collaborative development of open source code for constraint-based reconstruction and analysis.

Cobra-codedom - System.CodeDom ongoing implementation for the Cobra programming language

Project intent: provide fully compliant implementation of System.CodeDom for the Cobra programming language

Cmrp - MRP application coded in C++, XMLRPC, COBRA, C# and Java

An MRP application for maintaining inventory or production data with C++ and console application.

Melody Glider

Application written for FEZ Cobra using .NET Micro Framework and GHI's graphical library called Glide. At first my intention was to create a library to drive a buzzer for playing simple melodies, but later it turned out that it can be also an example of a little advanced GUI.

Python-cobra - Cobra is a Python VM Visualization Project

Python, like Java and C#, is based on a stack-based virtual machine. It will be very existing if you can "see" the execution flow of the Python's vm. Cobra is such a project that visualize the vm. In Cobra, you can see how many bytecodes will be executed by the vm for a Python statement, you can see how a bytecode affecting the namespace and vm's stack.Understanding the mechanism of the vm will improve your understanding of Python. The Cobra is made up by three main componenets: VM Server, Web S

Cobra-draughts - Cobra Draughts :: Python AI for draughts/checkers game

Cobra DraughtsWhat Is It?Cobra Draughts is a lightweight AI for draught/checkers game written in Python. The main goal of this software is to provide a simple engine for AI vs. AI match for Machine Learning purpose. However it's perfectly suitable for AI vs. Human match. News11 September 2011I've just added a new move cache system. For now this is not very useful. It boost the total performance by a 10-15%. But now I can create a more sophisticated static evaluation function without performance

Java-snake-game - Java Classic Snake Game

Uma reprodução do clássico jogo da cobra, muito jogado nos celulares, em Java A remake of the classic snake game, most played on cellphones, in Java

Lobobrowser - lobo browser

The Lobo Project The Lobo Project aims to develop an extensible browser and RIA platform written completely in Java that not only supports HTML and Javascript, but also enables rendering of arbitrary Rich Internet Application (RIA) languages. The Lobo Project consists of the following efforts. HTML Renderer & Parser Effort (Cobra) The Cobra effort aims to produce a pure Java HTML parser and rendering engine with support for CCS2 and Javascript. Java Web Browser Effort (Lobo) Lobo is our web brow