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Analyzes programs (and projects) written in Cobol and generates information (HTML) for its easy reading, understanding and analysis.



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Rpglets-controller - Server Based RPGLE "servlet"/RPGLET programs, No CGI!!!

Enables RPGLE/COBOL developers on the System I/ISeries/AS400 to write servlet like programs using a System I programming language of their choice. Dependant on the following RPG Next Gen Properties Web Servlet Container 2.3 I use Apache Tomcat Server 6 An IBM Toolbox for Java. You can use the JTOpen on Sourceforge compatible with the version of your System I, operating system Python for java version 2.5+ jython installer A Complete Hello World Program looks like this HBndDir('RPGSERVE') Dmain PR

Apache-rat-pd - RAT Plagiarism Detector

Apache RAT plagiarism detectorWhat is it?Apache RAT plagiarism detector is command-line tool for searching the code base for possibly plagiarized code using web code search engines. Shortly - it checks if source code is cut&pasted from somewhere by searching on Google code search, Koders code search.... Tool is still unfinished with very basic usability..... This simple tool is based on this idea: More information can be found on: http:

Code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard - highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML For

code-highlight-clipboard2clipboard highlight the code from the clipboard to the clipboard(HTML Format)---abbr:chc2c the simplest way I want,the most useful the code highlighter. Using for publish code highlighted blog or anything liked. If you can edit your web freely,You can use google syntaxhighlighter alternative. ( I create this project because I can't change any code in my blog host. Target platfrom include Windows and Linux. implemented with Pytho

Onekeycodehighlighter - code highlighter in clipboard with only one key

This is the UI for the chc2c prjects.codehighlighter use gvim to highligher the code,so it support many language.The UI version could transform the code in clipboard or save it in files if you want.All the UI is a system tray icon with some can config it with config file. the coolest tool I created for my blog,lol. gvim installed is needed. cx_Freeze installed is needed. All the operation is finished with one keyif you want a console too