COBOL Utilities Project

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COBOL Utilities Project collects open-source COBOL utilities, libraries, and test suites, which are independent of any specific COBOL compiler.



Related Projects

Cobos Project

The Cobos Project is an Open Source initiative from Metrixware, dedicated to Mainframe COBOL CICS, DB2, IMS developments within the Eclipse Platform.


Editor for Fixed Width, Csv and Existing Xml files.


Cobol Cross reference tool for Open Cobol written in OC Cobol Supplied with linux binaries, C source and Cobol source. Takes Cobol source code producing detailed xreference listing to text file which can be sent to a printer.

COBOL copybook to XML converter

CB2XML (CopyBook to XML) is a COBOL CopyBook to XML converter written in Java and based on the SableCC parser generator. This project includes utilities to convert an XML instance file into its COBOL copybook equivalent string buffer and vice versa.


An open source COBOL compiler for the IA32 (x86) platforms.


Add-on for the WSDL2... utility from the Apache Axis project, this utility will read WSDL files and generate COBOL copybooks and source code appropriate for marshalling and unmarshalling XML messages.

Koopa Cobol Parser

Koopa is a Cobol parser (generator). It can handle source files in isolation (no preprocessing required) and doesn't mind the presence of CICS/SQL fragments. The grammar is easily extensible in a way which minimizes the impact on the overall code.


An open COBOL compiler

Flat File Reporting

This project offers Drag and Drop Report Design (via IReports / Jasper Reports) for Flat Files (Fixed Width / CSV / Cobol)