The BOSS Online Submission System

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BOSS is a course management tool that allows students to submit assignments on-line in a secure manner. Staff can mark work and run automatic tests on submissions.



Related Projects

Cobalt ROM

Cobalt ROM source code - x86 BIOS replacement for Cobalt hardware

Cobalt Blue Programming Language

Cobalt Blue is an open source programming language written in C# and the executable it produces runs on top of Cobalt's sister project, the Viper runtime.


Sun Cobalt Qube3 and RaQ 550 Open Source Releases (and other minor Cobalt OSS utilities) The Sausalito management platform, originally integrated into Cobalt Linux distros. Files, documentation and mailing lists are at


The Cobalt Configuration Engine (CCE). A system for catching a distributing configuration events to a set of abstracted system components.

Cobalt Web Builder

Cobalt Web Builder is ANOTHER WAY of authoring HTML documents than WYSIWYG editors or simple text editors. The software uses TEMPLATE and SUBSTITUTION, which helps editing web document EASY and QUICK, especially when using CSS and JAVASCRIPT.


MineCobalt is a administration system for the MineCraft server.

Cobaltapps - Cobalt applications

applications made and added to the itunes app store

Espresso-theme-cobalt - Theme for Espresso

DescriptionTheme for Espresso based on the Cobalt theme for TextMate. InstallationTo install, simply move the file Cobalt.css into your ~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Themes/ folder and restart Espresso. It will then be available in the Preferences. ScreenshotsPHP JavaScript HTML