COB Editor

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COB editor is a collaborative editor for biological ontology (e.g., Gene Ontology) building. Building on the idea of modular ontology from KR research, it supports multiple people to work on the same ontology.



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sfcob - sgcj

sistema de cobranzas judiciales sfCob

Legstar-xsd2cob - Translates XML schemas to COBOL

Translate XML schema to COBOL structure Input XML Schema can be standalone or embedded in a WSDL. Also translates Java to COBOL structures.

T24-performance-tool-cob - Monitoring and analyzing the daily COB

The objective is to create a mechanism that will collect data from jobs running inside the COB. The data will be used for monitoring, analyzing which jobs takes long time and suggest steps for better performance.

Cobwebproject - A decentral social network

CobWeb is a decentral social network. It makes it possible to share anonymously information in a cloud. The communication in the web is fully encrypted, and it implements the OTR principles.

Legstar-cob2xsd - Translates COBOL structures to XML schema

Goallegstar-cob2xsd is a standalone COBOL Structure to XML Schema translator written in Java. This is one of the LegStar project modules. Get startedIf you want to try it out without any installation, go to legstar-cob2xsd on Google App Engine. To get started, download and unzip the distribution file. The readme.txt file contains instructions on how to run the sample provided. You will find useful "how to" information and more details on the wiki pages. The maven site contains the javadoc and se

Socialcobs - Collaborative browsing and search communities

IntroductionFinding quickly relevant and reliable information on the web is a non-trivial task. While internet search engines do find correct web pages a set of keywords, they often cannot ensure the relevance or reliability of the pages' content. A promising approach tries to harness internet users in the spirit of Web 2.0, i.e., making contributions to the web. The idea is that user collaboratively search or browse for information, either directly by communicating or indirectly by addin

Legstar-pli2cob - Translates PL/I structures to COBOL structures

GoalThis project aims at developing a utility to translate PL/I structures to COBOL structures. Many mainframe integration tools have parsers for COBOL data structures. There is less support for PL/I, another important mainframe language. By converting PL/I structures to COBOL, it becomes possible to integrate PL/I programs using tools which only support COBOL. Get startedTo get started, download and unzip the distribution file. The readme.txt file contains instructions on how to run the sample

can_test - Test for cob robot

Test for cob robot


An Arduino Library that facilitates unambiguous packet framing over serial using the COBS algorithm.

COBSBuffer - A C++ buffer for consistent overhead byte stuffing (COBS).

A C++ buffer for consistent overhead byte stuffing (COBS).