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A compact (23 classes) yet powerful Java 2D graph visualization library for realtime data. Features: Efficient updates, zooming, scrolling, graph overlay/stack/distro, line, point amp; bar customization, labels, linear amp; logarithmic scaling, and more.



Related Projects

3dc-applink - 3D-Coat AppLink plugins for CG apps

3D-Coat AppLink plugins (written in python if it's supported by the host app) for 3D/2D CG software, such as Luxology modo, Newtek LightWave, eyeon Fusion, The Foundry Nuke,... and hopefully others soon!

Bluecoaturl - Ruby / Rails interface for managing local URL database on BlueCoat ProxySG devices.

Interface for managing "Local URL Filter" on BlueCoat ProxySG devices. Aimed at providing method for helpdesk to "override" category of website as categorised by 3rd party URL lists such as SmartFilter & WebSense. Available on this site: About this application Installation Guide Configure your BlueCoat ProxySG device to use this application Screenshots of the application

Codeblogger - A blog with easy option for writing in place code

This is a Code Blog using the Google App Engine. The goal is to make it very easy to write blog entries containing a large number of code. The code should be auto color coated. There will also be a comment system.

Pyblazon - Blazonry to SVG Converter

Converts blazonry (descriptions of shields/coats of arms) into Scalable Vector GraphicsProject home page: Server (uses pyBlazon): the BlazonIntro wiki page for a short introduction to blazonry (the way pyBlazon understands it)

Rssbling - An Ajax RSS aggregator that wears various coats

RSS Bling was released by Ben and Dion ( in 2005. There are different versions to show off various techniques and APIs. For example, the initial version was to show that you could do offline back in 2005. This was before offline was cool :)

Javapepper - Non-JSP, Non-marked up, HTML-based Java web framework

JavaPepper is essentially a Java servlet that delegates the work of responding to user requests to lightweight servlet-like objects called responders. A responder may be general-purpose (such as one that outputs an image) or a special type of responder called a PepPage which serves up PepWidgets in order to create HTML pages. Its design embraces JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, and all other potentially hard-to-use web technologies of the day. Java Pepper does not try to sugar-coat or hide these technolog

Mtgtoolbox - have fun managing your M:tG cards

NewsAugust 2010 I have started playing M:tG again and so started to update the code on this site. The short term goal is to update the databases and then to convert the project to 2010 and WPF. IntroductionMagic: the Gathering is one of the most awesome games ever invented. On this site is my small contribution to the M:tG community. If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my website Card DataGatherer is Wizard's of the Coats' (WotC) online M:tG card database. It is a very nice on

Lightbulb - A ruby utility to detect automated behavior in proxy log traffic

Summary LightBulb is a utility to aid in finding automated traffic in web proxy logs. For now, lightbulb only deals with BlueCoat proxy log files. However it can be easily modified to read in other log formats. Requires: Ruby 1.8.7 or later Usage: Lightbulb takes input from standard in so that filtering may be done prior to loading in traffic. Example: cat logfile.txt | ruby lightbulb.rb This will create an output file in the same directory (lightbulb_report.txt). The format of the output file i


Tools and desktop application to read, write and edit Coat of Arms. Outils et application bureautique pour lire, enregistrer et modifier des Blasons. Coat of Arms description feature, heraldic rule checking for each different country rules. Fonction de blasonnement d'armo...