Co-Create Office

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CoCreate Office is a new branch of OpenOffice which aims at providing enterprise-class office suite.



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CoMS Desktop CMS

CoMS-CMS is an OpenSource desktop CMS (content management system). It manage websites (HTML, JS) and is an graphical editor for it. CoMS-CMS offers an professional CMS with all needed functions. Developers can easily create Plug-Ins to extend the Program


Run an openMosix cluster under Windows and Linux. coMosix is the mix of coLinux, openMosix and some other linux hack to create an easy to use clustering solution. coMosix provides a simple (silent-)installer that can be quot;thrownquot; over a Windows Network!

Yiiframework-co-il-extensions - Supports the extensions

This projects is used to share the extensions created for the Yii framework by the team.

Coral-api - The API for the CoRAL system. This system consists of: the CoRAL API, the CoRAL Reporter

What is CoRAL? CoRAL (Collaborative Review Analysis of Literature) is a project aimed to support and to analyze collaborative review of research literature in science. CoRAL supports collaborative review by providing a multi-format document browser which enables users to create and share annotations (the CoRAL browser which is built upon Fab4Browser). Annotations can support commenting, discussing, tagging, and highlighting. It also supports both analysis and reviewing by generating visualized r

DCOMShim RCW Authentication Wrapper for .NET

DCOMShim is a RCW that authenticates to any DCOM object using Kerberos. This is needed because the default RCW in .NET limits your functionality of CoCreateInstanceEx(). DCOMShim is an example of how to use custom wrappers to alter the nature of CoCreateInstanceEx()

Co-sub - Co-Sub is a Web CMS for collaborative subtitling

What is this ? Co-Sub is a Web CMS wich allow user to create a public or private space for working on a subtitle file (.srt, .ass, ...). Why ? Actually, when you are working on a translation for a sub, you swing the file from one user to another, which can be long and tedious (you have to define who does what exactly, does not exceed the work of another, ...), not to mention than the quality can sometimes take a hit. Co-Sub define a common area, where the work is the same, but in a form much mor

Fuckmegaupload - fuckMegaupload

This project has been created to download from megaupload automatically from terminal using python lenguage. This script has been based in to solve the captcha.

Dotnetmtf - A framework for creating Multi-touch applications in .NET

A complete framework for creating multi-touch applications on the .NET 3/3.5 platform. For more info see This project page also includes the .NET Wrapper for Touchlib.

Django-nightly - An automated nightlies creation app.

django-nightlydjango-nightly is a lightweight django application for creating 'Nightly' archives of a subversion repository. Get django-nightlysvn co django-nightly

Pynews2 - A fast, efficient, and customizable Python/Django newspaper CMS

pynews2 is a simple and fast newspaper CMS for the Django web framework written in Python. Currently the independent news magazine O.I.L. ( uses this CMS. Created and developed by Aaron Lifton.