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HCI for audiovisual live performance exploiting physical computing. Transform your standard musical instrument - electric bass, guitar, violin, piano etc - in an augmented tool, an audiovideo controller without exploiting any specific ext. hardware.




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Rp6cntrl - Project in which a RP6 robot is interfaced with a Fox board.

Personal project which focuses on interfacing the RP6 robot (from Arexx) with a small linux SBC (Fox board). The linux board communicates via serial with the M32 expansion board, which in turn communicates with the base robot via I2C (TWI). The linux board acts as a bridge between the robot and internet, so that the robot can be monitored and controlled through a TCP connection. The linux board also makes it possible to program the robot with the Lua scripting language. Currently Qt and ncurses

Winamp-quicksearch - QuickSearch plugin for Winamp v.2 & v.5

QuickSearch is a Winamp plugin that allows you to perform a quick search within current playlist from any application using a global hotkey. Just press the hot key (by default it is Ctrl+Space) in any application and a small window with current playlist will appear. Type few letters and the list will contain only those items that contain the word you have typed. Winamp Staff review: Very functional search plugin This is one of the coolest and most convenient search and enque plugins out there. W


A super-abstracted and easy to customize remote script for Livid Instrument's CNTRL:R MIDI controller.