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ClusterN is a GNU/Linux cluster (server and node) distribution. Server boots from CD and starts DHCP/TFTP/NFS daemons that allow to boot diskless nodes over the network. ClusterN provides PVM/MPI/openMOSIX environment and WWW management software.



Related Projects


Node Club 是用 Node.js 和 MongoDB 开发的新型社区软件,界面优雅,功能丰富,小巧迅速, 已在Node.js 中文技术社区 CNode 得到应用,但你完全可以用它搭建自己的社区。

Derlang - erlang in delphi

the derlang(erlang in delphi) project will support write c-node and c-driver in delphi. - erl_interface transition - erlang driver interface transition - some samples

Mypeb - peb (Php-Erlang Bridge) is an open-source php extension to run php as an Erlang cnode.

peb (PHP-Erlang Bridge) is an open-source PHP extension to run PHP as an Erlang cnode. It's similar to the traditional php mysql function , you can easily communicate with an Erlang node. The following is an example: <?php $link = peb_connect('sadly-desktop@sadly-desktop', 'secret'); if (!$link) { die('Could not connect: ' . peb_error()); } $msg = peb_vencode('[~p,~a]', array( array($link,'getinfo') ) ); //The sender must include a reply address. use ~p to format a link identifier to a valid Erl

Erlycairo - Erlang bindings for Cairo 2D graphics library

ErlyCairo allows generation of PNG images via 2D vector drawing. Example usage scenarios:server side creation of HTML / CSS background images such as gradients, rounded corners, etc. dynamic creation of CAPTCHA images Features:OTP server for starting, accessing and stopping the C-node bindings for a subset of the cairo 2D graphics functions simple demo application C source compiles on mac and Ubuntu Linux (cairo library must be installed) LimitationsPNG images only. Just for CSS / HTML backgroun

Erlocaml - A tight bridge between Erlang and OCaml

We've been using Erlang in commercial products for over 10 years now, and it's taken about that long to get into a position where we're considered a viable player for mission-critical product development. In order to get there, we've also been extolling the virtues of functional programming in general, and often cited Ocaml as an example of how you don't have to sacrifice low-level performance. We feel that the ongoing paradigm shift towards multicore architectures is really helping our cause. T

MultiSNSDemo - Just a demo for CNode Context

Just a demo for CNode Context


Just a demo for CNode Context

ceck - Mock up cnodes (or java nodes, or other non-erl nodes) with relative ease.

Mock up cnodes (or java nodes, or other non-erl nodes) with relative ease.

CNodeC - A NodeJS way to talk to the TinyG Motion Controller.

A NodeJS way to talk to the TinyG Motion Controller.