The Cooperative NES Project

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The Cooperative NES Project is an effort to create *The* Nintendo Entertainment System Documentation, Emulator, Debugger Disassembler, Assembler, and other useful tools. The project concentrates on community contributions.



Related Projects


The Orfeo Toolbox is a C++ library for high resolution remote sensing image processing. It is developped by CNES in the frame of the ORFEO program. More information is available at It is based on the medical image processing library ITK and offers particular functionalities for remote sensing image processing in general and for high spatial resolution images in particular. Targeted algorithms for high resolution optical images (SPOT, Quickbird, Worldview, Landsat, Iko

Xplorepixel - XplorePixel

XplorePixel est une application de compression et de quantification d'image fait avec la librairie OrféoToolBox qui est une lib qui permet de faire la synthèse d'image sattelite et est créer par le CNES( centre national d'étude spatiale).

Nesc-netbeans-plugin - nesC language plugin for Netbeans-6.0

About nesCnesC (pronounced "NES-see") is an extension to the C programming language designed to embody the structuring concepts and execution model of TinyOS. TinyOS is an event-driven operating system designed for sensor network nodes that have very limited resources (e.g., 8K bytes of program memory, 512 bytes of RAM). For futher information about nesC, please refer to nesC homepage About NetbeansThe NetBeans IDE is a free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers

Openjpeg - Open-source C-Library for JPEG 2000

NewsFebruary 2012 : OpenJPEG 1.5 has been released. More info here. April 2011 : OpenJPIP 1.0 has been released and committed on the svn. More info here. January 2011 : OpenJPEG Version 1.4 has been released. more ... PresentationThe OpenJPEG library is an open-source JPEG 2000 library developed in order to promote the use of JPEG 2000. The main part of the project consists in a JPEG 2000 codec compliant with the Part 1 of the standard (Class-1 Profile-1 compliance). Besides this main codec, Ope

autocne - Scripts to select CNEs

Scripts to select CNEs


User friendly web client to access SPOT4 (Take5) data (