CNC Studio

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Simple highlighted G code editor with preview. Developed for educational purposes.



Related Projects


Open Source CAM - Toolpath Generation for 3-Axis CNC machining

CNC Code Generator

CNC code generator is a software to generate CNC codes (G amp; M codes) for maching operations like milling, drilling. At present CNC code generator is limited for end milling. we working on other machining operations like turning, drilling etc.


A HID interface component for LinuxCNC/EMC. HID is USB speak for Human Interface Device, that is, input/output USB devices such as joysticks, gamepads, CNC pendants. This component was built to support devices that weren't handled by stock LinuxCNC/EMC components.


An open-source gcode interpreter for driving RepRaps, Makerbots, and other similar CNC beasties


An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino


Build your own USB HID device. GUI and firmware to produce USB HID device, ie joystick, gamepad, CNC Pendant. Supports pots, buttons, switches, LEDs, LCDs, encoders. Linux and win32.


BoardCAD is an easy to use CAD/CAM-program that allows you to quickly design your own surfboards. It is written in Java and can export STEP-files for compatibility with other CAD-systems, and g-code for CNC machines.

Cncmachine - CNC Control Software

Do you want to create a CNC machine? Don't know where to start? I tried too, and this is the result!! (always improving :D) Please, be patient as I do this on my spare time. Thanks for visiting. And check my Blog for recent updates!

Blue-foam-cnc - Desktop-side software for the Olin Principles of Engineering Styrofoam CNC Machine

Java client-side software that controls the Olin College 2009 Principles of Engineering Styrofoam CNC Machine. Software is compatible with DXF CAD drawings and SVG images and is able to convert them to a CNC job for cutting with our CNC machine. Job communication is done over USB using libusb. The Machine itself is a monster of a hot-wire CNC machine produced fall of 2009 for the Principles of Engineering course. It uses 4 motors, 4 encoders, 5 Microchip PIC microcontrolle