Common Model Exchange

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CMX (Common Model eXchange) is a model exchange format which captures all of the information necessary to represent an electrical or mixed-signal/technology device model, independent of a specific language or simulator, using XML and XSLT transformations.



Related Projects

EDL to AAF converter

EDL to AAF allows CMX3600 EDLs to be converted to AAF files. It has been made open source to encorage all AAF developers to use the same operational pattern (semantics) and thus avoid a Tower of Babel!

cmx.js - A Library for Authoring xkcd-style Comixes

A library/markup for building xkcd-style comic strips.

cmx.js - [prototype] A library/markup for building xkcd-style comic strips

[prototype] A library/markup for building xkcd-style comic strips

Programming-in-middle-earth - Programming Lecmx for a client

The aim of this first year Swinburne TAFE student project is to produce an enhancement (eg FAQ, News, Contact Form, installation script) for a simple content management system (eg le.cms, cms made simple, cmsimple, pixie). The completed enhnacement(s) will be made available to the original CMS project to adopt or refer to if appropriate. The CEEBS team's client is a computer shop by the name of Programming in middle earth, and the project also involves producing a suitable website design for thi

Easycmx - EasyCMX will be the world's simplest platform for managing web content. Using the exte

The content management system will only require a few specific files and file types. XML files will be used both to create the individual web pages, and to store general site data. Multiple pages will be generated from a single HTML template page allowing any browser render the pages content. CSS stylesheets are required to style the main HTML template and any content in the XML files. A javascript file is required in order to get the content from the XML files. An XSLT and a DTD are required to

Ddv - A alternative digital voice for amateur/ham radio

Danny's Digital VoiceA alternative digital voice system for the modern world of amateur/ham radio. Uses GMSK modulation at 9600 bits/s using the Speex/Codec2 codec. This is currently under development and experimentation - as I need to perfect my GMSK modem first (used for my DDP project). The circuit for the modem will also be released, features so far: RS-232 interface, direct connection to your rig using 9600 baud data connection. Uses standard "of the shelf" components, currently no PICs are

CMX - Case Management eXtender

O Case Management eXtender é uma ferramenta que permite complementar a gestão de pedidos de suporte com a recolha e análise de informação sobre o estado do sistema associado a cada pedido de suporte (inventário de hardware, versões de software instalado, processos em execução,...

Sf9domahrs - AHRS for Sparkfun's "9DOF Razor IMU"

This is a Direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) based Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) with gyro drift correction based on accelerometer (gravity) vector and magnetometer (compass) vector. Hi all, We have a full working version of the Razor 9DOF IMU AHRS :-). It´s uploaded in the Google Code repository at right. I have included the code to read the I2C compass (HMC5843) and map the sensor axis and sensor signs (it was a little tricky...). I have implemented the "fusion" between the 3 axis magne