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Mtags-amqp - MTAGS 2010 paper on AMQP on the cloud

Code and paper for MTAGS 2010 paper on using AMQP -- specifically RabbitMQ -- to run a "data pipeline" in the cloud. Workshop home: Paper submission site:

Image2cmt - Convert an image to comment mode8.



Tilde is a web language, a web server and a content management tool (CMT). The web language is an alternative to PHP and VBscript, with some significant differences. Tilde is a genuine embedded language that makes no distinction between html and code i

Open-sauce - Collection of projects aimed at modification of the various Blam engines, their tools,

SummaryHalo1_CE DemosHalo Wars DemosStatsHow to contribute SummaryOpenSauce for HaloCE, V3.0.3, Released! (only supports v1.09 of HaloCE) OpenSauce for Halo2_Xbox: Under development "OpenSauce" is a collection of projects (both C++ and .NET based) produced by Kornner Studios that have been used in development of Project "Yelo". These releases were built from the ground up, with open source in mind, so their code may or may not reflect the original codebase from which they were derived from due t

Automatic-service - Service for automatic execution of arbitrary Groovy scripts by Quartz scheduler

FeaturesIn addition to the Quartz scheduler opportunities, this application allows you to build a chain job execution or make dependencies between jobs. Job execution may be vetoed if another job was finished with error, or if another job is still running. Job may have links to another job, that must be started after parent job was finished - this is a chain execution. Dependency and chaining may be used by the job for itself, for example: job execution may be vetoed if it was finished with erro

Yegle-cmt - YCFB:blogbus评论留言添加表情Gravatar头��件

Yigle Cmt for Blogbus:blogbus评论留言添加表情Gravatar头��件 特点介�: 功能全�:让blogbus支�Gravatar头�;支�“添加表情�功能。 2. 表情丰富:7套表情系统,总共231份表情供用户选择。 3. 添加简�:�需一次�制粘贴��完�安装,轻�使用。 4. 兼容性良好:全�兼容blogbus新模�系统��模�,兼容主��览器。 5. 自动更新:添加�,享�自动�级,让版本��最新。

Craigslist2excel - Export craigslist data to a MS excel sheet for comparison

Requirements: 1) Firefox with craigslist image prefetcher extension 2) iMacros extension for firefox (optional) 3) MS office 2003 Steps 1) Install iMacros and image prefetcher extensions on Firefox 2) Open craigslist and perform the search. Copy and save the URL of the search results page for later use. 3) Create a directory and save all the search result pages . Make sure you give different names for them (The name does not matter). Also, save as HTML complete 4) open command prompt.-->Change d

Springnote-api - Springnote API for various programming language

What is springnote-api?Springnote-api is API set for the springnote service ( This service also provides OpenAPI but this project serve a easy way to handling springnote api. Springnote-api 는 스프ë§�노트 서비스(ì�˜ API를 여러가지 프로그래ë°� 언어ì—�ì„œ 쉽게 사용할 수 있ë�„ë¡� í�¬ìž¥í•´ë†“ì�€ API 들입니다. 스프ë§�노트ì—�ì„œ 제공하는 HTTP 기반ì�˜ APIê°€ ì�´ë¯¸ 존재하지만 조금 ë�” 쉽게 사용하ê³

Bugsmodellibrary - PKPD Model Library for WinBUGS

BUGSModelLibrary is a prototype PKPD model library for use with WinBUGS 1.4.3. The current version includes: Speci�c linear compartmental models: One compartment model with �rst order absorption Two compartment model with elimination from and �rst order absorption into central compartment General linear compartmental model described by a matrix exponential General compartmental model described by a system of �rst order ODEs The models and data format are based on NONMEM/NMTRAN/PREDPP con

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