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CMS7 The CMS7 is composed of three module. (1)Main CMS Business (2)Process Customization (3)Role/Department Customization



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INFONOVA OpenCms Modules

OpenCms Commons is a module suite for OpenCms 7 enhance the work and development with OpenCms. Main Features: XSD-Choice Elements; FileSelectorWidget with filter on ResourceTypes; Velocity render engine with plug-able Context-Obj.; Build with maven.

微七网站内容管理系统(We7 CMS)


Wapesite - The advanced WAP support for Supesite 7.5

Wapesite is an advanced php-writen WAP support plugin for the CMS engine Supesite.

Tinymce-radiant-0-7-1 - TinyMCE Extension for Radiant v0.7.1

I tried using radiant-tinymce-extension on my Radiant CMS site but I am running v0.7.1. and radiant-tinymce-extension was written <0.7. I had to update the activate method and make some changes to the javascript to get it working for my site and figured I would contribute it to the community.

Web-store-1 - A web store

This store will be written in, will work under IIS 7.0 server and will store data in SQL express server. CMS solution:

S7ncms - Open Source Content Management

About S7NcmsS7Ncms is an open source CMS based on the Kohana PHP Framework How to install S7NcmsDownload S7Ncms Upload the unpacked archive to your server point your browser to http://your_host/path_to_s7ncms/index.php follow the installer instructions write down the displayed password. you can now login at http://your_host/path_to_s7ncms/index.php/admin with the username admin if you have mod_rewrite enabled, open application/config/config.php and change the value of $config['index_page'] to 'i

Mta-cms - A Content Management System for A large Manufacturing Trade Association (MTA) with over 20

The objective of deploying the CMS is to facilitate the creation and manipulation of content on a website and to enhance collaboration by making it possible to collect information generated within the organization and facilitate its distribution. System Description Work Plan Due Date Calendar Requirement Update1(October 10, 2008) Requirement Update2(Nov 7, 2008) Install Guide Source Build tutorial Notice: The project not in active. 2009.01 Notice: The new project name is soft2008 instead of mta-

Imaginationnuke - Nuke-CMS

The Andromeda CMS is a more secure and quality version of php-nuke. The base is php-nuke 7.6 with the Imagination Nuke 4.3 patch 3.5 upgrade, phpbb 2.0.23, nuke sentinel, and the Fusion Security System. We also include the ATO Theme System, and drag and drop blocks. Of course their will be many great mods added.

Leonardo - a cms for personal websites and blogs

Leonardo is an extensible content management system written in Python initially focused on providing for personal websites with a password-protected wiki and blog (including Atom feed). Up to and including version 0.7, it was a CGI-based application and used the filesystem as a database. Now it has been ported to django. Pre-django information and documentation can be found at

Phpsvm - PHP Script Version Manager

EnglishThis is a script in php to create versions of a script (md5 sums in a php file) and to see if files are edited or not that's what the script does yet the idea behind my project is that when you have for example the CMS e107 in the version 0.7.7 and the new version 0.7.8 comes out. This script will be able to download the new version from the site of the project. Untar or unzip the files in the good directory if they aren't modified. Or compares the new files with the old ones and you can