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A set of expect scripts to migrate entire CMS repository histories to CVS. lt;Pgt; Migration includes original authors and dates, creates CVS tags from CMS classes and verifies correct conversion.



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PostNuke is a fork of Francisco Burzi's PHP-Nuke weblog/Content Management System (CMS). TEP is THEEXCHANGEPROJECT an opensource e-commerce solution.. PostTEP MOD is based on this and was integrated so far on a recent cvs snapshot(2.2cvs).

Phpsimpl - PHP Simpl framework - Simple CRUD framework that does much more.

DescriptionA PHP framework for rapidly creating classes that mirror MySQL tables. The Simpl framework comes with the basic functions to list, display and edit records from the database. With this framework a simple manager and front of a site can be created within a few minutes. An example database, manager and front end are included with the framework. FeaturesNo make/PEAR/Root Access required Database table abstraction Automatically configured database functions (ie. GetInfo, GetList, Save, De

HiggsTauTauLimits - Mirror of the CMS Higgs2Tau group limit code CVS area

Mirror of the CMS Higgs2Tau group limit code CVS area