4Site CMS

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Perl-based russian CMS with multisite support using SOAP and mod_perl-powered. Uses MySQL DBMS. Scalable architecture with independent functional modules.




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CMS for primary schools

SyndeoCMS (follow up of Site@School 2.4.10) is the Content Management System (CMS) for primary schools to manage and maintain their website in an easy way It can also be a very usefull CMS for small companies or non profit organizations.


PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP 5 (compatible with PHP 4). It utilizes a MySQL database to store your site content and includes a simple, comprehensive administration system.

Composite C1 - CMS on .NET 4 platform

C1 is aimed at communicators who need to easily manage content on corporate websites while maintaining a consistent visual identity. C1 comes fully featured, it's straightforward to use, easy to extend, and integrates with other systems beautifully.

Pixel-app - simple cms for small sites

pixel app is a rails inspired framework for php4 and php5 with a simple cms built on top of it. sample modules are admin, acl, news, pages, search, and an intake system.

Biga-cms - Content Management System

Biga is a term that comes from bread making. Biga is a bread starter. Biga CMS helps create a basis for creating a web site. Biga CMS uses already existing open source frameworks and libraries. Currently uses: symfony 1.4 Doctrine 1.2 Zend library

Easy-ccms - Content management system in asp.net mvc

Easy CCMSThis is project for CMS to run simple web sites. Technology usedASP.NET Framework v 4.0 ASP.NET MVC 2 NHIBERNATE 3 Castle Windsor JQUERY

Hycuscms - Hycus CMS is a open source PHP based CMS

Hycus CMS is a free, open source PHP based content management system. Hycus cms is an easy to use cms with challenging features in it. The basic feature list of the cms: Light weight CMS. Fully featured CK editor in admin side. Removable admin side. Fully ajax based admin side. Easy to manage your site's content, menus, blocks. Site's configuration at you finger tips. Creates RSS feed for your contents. User management for front end. Search with extendable plugins. Easy designing. Html/CSS templ

Fcore - FCore - simple framework for simple sites

FCore is a simple PHP4 framework for creating simple sites. Features: Pages News FAQ Glossary Works with jQuery lightBox plugin TinyMCE Can work with and without rewriting rules Support for UTF-8 and Russian QuickStart guide: http://code.google.com/p/fcore/wiki/QuickStart

Cmsfromscratch - CmsFromScratch

CMS from Scratch is a content management system designed for smaller sites on systems where a database may not be available. It runs on PHP 4 or 5, and doesn't use a database, just a variety of file includes. If you find success with the CMS, please consider making a donation at http://cmsfromscratch.com/donate.php For help & support, visit Scratch Forums at http://scratchwebdesignforums.com/forums/index.php?showforum=18 CMS from Scratch is made possible by the generous support of some of the de

Miacms - Content Management Made Easy

The MiaCMS StoryMiaCMS is a fork of the Mambo CMS. Why a fork? We felt that the policies, processes, and priorities of the official Mambo Foundation were having a negative impact on the code and the community. Innovation, creativity, and team spirit have all but been eliminated. Thus the fork. Much of the same crew that built you Mambo 4.5.3+ through 4.6.3 are here now continuing development on the same award winning software base that everyone has come to know and love. Let us make clear we nev