Change Master Page for SharePoint Foundation 2010

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Change Master Page for SharePoint Foundation 2010



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BouncyCastle - Lightweight Cryptography API for Java and CSharp

Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs is a lightweight cryptography API for Java and CSharp. It has provider for the Java Cryptography Extension and the Java Cryptography Architecture. It supports TLS, PKCS7, PKCS12, OpenPGP, S/MIME, OCSP, TSP, CMP, Extended Access Control, ASN and lot more.

Cryptlib - provides Encryption and Authentication Service

cryptlib is a powerful security toolkit that allows even inexperienced crypto programmers to easily add encryption and authentication services to their software. It provides support for S/MIME and PGP/OpenPGP secure enveloping, SSL/TLS and SSH secure sessions, CA services such as CMP, SCEP, RTCS, and OCSP, and other security operations such as secure timestamping.

Mall-runner-lehman-college - Simulated Mall Management System

This is a mall management system for Lehman College CMP408-Software Engineering class.

Sump-pump - an executable program and C library to aid the development of CMP/SMP programs

SUMP (Scale Up Multi-Processor) Pumpâ„¢ is a subroutine library that allows programmers to quickly write programs that use multiple CMP/SMP processors and process file data at gigabyte-per-second speeds.

Mojito131 - CmpE 131: Group Scheduling System

Group Scheduling System Spring 2009 CmpE 131: Software Engineering I San Jose State University Install the Subversion plug-in for Eclipse via update: Generally, .java files should go in trunk/WEB-INF/src, in packages other than default.


Objectopia is an EJB 2.1 container that uses Prevayler as a transparent CMP mechanism.

Os142cm - Linux Shell Project for CmpE142

Linux Shell to execute the commands. Implemented in C++. supports: linux basic commands, logic operators, piping, resource sharing.

Proyecto9modulo - compilador

Este proyecto en si constituye una creación de un compilador, el cual parte desde la creación de los autómatas como principio, siguiendo con sus expresiones regulares, teniendo en cuenta el lenguaje que tienen que aceptar, sus reglas, ademas el proyecto crea archivos solo de tipo cmp, entre otras cosas que se irán viendo a lo largo de la construcción del proye

XDoclet for WebSphere 5.1

Fork on original XDoclet Tags to include WebSphere DDescriptor for EJB Session amp; CMP for Websphere 5.1