Chemical Markup Language

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The development and curation of a range of XML-based tools for using Chemical Markup Language (CML), including XSD XML Schemas for validation, datatyping and constraining CML documents and XSLT Stylesheets for transforming, filtering and rendering.



Related Projects

JSpecView Project

The JSpecView Project provides JAVA applets for the display of JCAMP-DX and AnIML/CML spectral files. The source and binary files are available via the Code (sourceforge SVN) and Files menu options. See the WIKI pages (Hosted Apps) for more detail


An editor for small organic molecules, written in C using gtk+. It can read and write SMILES and cml and can save to dia's file format. It is suitable for creating chemical molecule diagrams for lower level chemistry/ochem lab reports.

Chemical Structures

The Chemical Structures Project is a set of 3D structures of molecules in CML format. Each file contains also some physical properties, which can be access using a web browser or a CML file reader.


The CheckCML project is a collection of modules for the production and checking of chemical experimental data represented as CML. The core CheckCML library provides classes for the checking process; tools such as OscarData allow for the production of CML

Pygolem - Ontology language and toolkit for semantic processing of scientific data

Golem is an ontology language - primarily (but not exclusively) designed to be used with CML, the Chemical Markup Language. pyGolem is its supporting toolkit, written in Python. Together, they help scientists use, and write, tools which make it easier to process very large volumes of scientific data by reference to the concepts found in it, rather than having to fight with the files' formats and syntax. Project homepage:


A Java program to parse chemical names using IUPAC nomenclature. The output can be either a visualisation of the molecule, or in a form for other programs to use (e.g. CML).

Configurable Math Library

The CML (Configurable Math Library) is a free, open-source C++ vector, matrix, and quaternion math library designed for use in games, graphics, computational geometry, and related applications.

Flash Docs Generator

Create documentation from Flash AS2 files (formerly javadoc tool for flash). It can create generic HTML output or flash compatible cml/html output