Concern Manipulation Environment (CME)

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The Concern Manipulation Environment (CME) is an integrated Aspect-Oriented Development (AOSD) environment that promotes incremental adoption of AOSD. It supports both developers who want to use an AOSD approach, and tool providers with novel AOSD ideas.



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3D Molecule Viewer is a stand-alone, demo version of the C-ME application that InterKnowlogy built for the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). It is a WPF application built in C#. Affectionately called "The Cancer App", the full version of this application (a WPF front-end fo...

RDP Classifier

The RDP Classifier is a naive Bayesian classifier that can rapidly and accurately provides taxonomic assignments from domain to genus, with confidence estimates for each assignment. More information can be found at

Cme-gulf - CME-GULF Project

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Conflictme - Conflict Map Editor (CME), a tile-map editor for the game Conflict

Conflict Map Editor (CME)Conflict Map Editor (CME) serves the primary purpose of loading, modifying, and saving MAP files in compliance with the game-in-making Conflict. It will also serve as a direct and open source competition for the proprietary and low-quality official Map Editor currently employed for the purpose. It shall also evolve to meet the demands of the users, Conflict itself, the competition of the official Map Editor, and the future and/or lateral interests of the developers in si

Py-pdp8-tk - Pdp8 emulator in python with tkinter

Emulatore di un calcolatore didattico (pdp8).La nuova versione 2.0 utilizza una libreria grafica differente dalle versioni precedenti che hanno tkinter, più precisamente Tcl/tk. Al suo posto viene utilizzata wxWidgets (grazie al porting wxPython), per migliorare la compatibilità con i vari OS e per un miglior rendimento prestazionale. Si è scelto quindi di utilizzare wxPython a partire dalla versione 2.0. Registri disponibiliProgram Counter (PC) 12 bit Memory Address Register (MAR) 12 bit Mem

Deeperthink - Sci-Pro

Include all my projects in UD CME507 Thermoplastic Projects of Don Klosterman, all spreadsheets format Math Code, Dr.Flach's Homework, all computer programs~

Cme-centraldemateriais - Projeto de apoio para controle de esterilização de materiais

O Health System é um sistema que controla a entrada e saída de materiais estéreis e gerencia a limpeza do material, inspeção, esterilização, guarda no setor de armazenamento e as transferências entre a CME (Central de Materiais Estéreis) e as demais unidades do hospital. O pedido de material esterilizado é realizado ON LINE. O material esterilizado poderá ser rastreado durante todas as fases do trabalho na central, sendo possível ainda controlar os ciclos de lavagem, desinfecção e