Mathematics Libraries

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Tools/libraries: analytical and numerical mathematical methods in ODE, PDE, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, FEM, DSP. The current file release libham1.0 is for Geometric Integration of Hamiltonian Systems w



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Math-neon - ARM NEON optimised approximate cmath like library.

This project aims to implement high performance approximations of higher order math functions (trig, exponential, powers, etc) in C and hand optimized assembly. Floating Point performance on ARM Cortex A8 equipped devices (OpenPandora, Beagle Board, iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, etc) is heavily dependent on utilizing the pipelined NEON VFPU. By default GCC targets the fully IEEE754 compliant VFP-lite, which is an order of magnitude slower. Support for the NEON unit in GCC is limited, so hand written ass

Wielkanoc - Oblicza date wielkanocy w podanym roku

// program został napisany przez Gibka - świetnego programisty #include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { int rok, a, c, e, h, j, k, m, dzien; float b, d, f, g, i, l, miesiac; string x; for ( ;;) { cout << "podaj rok dla ktorego ma zostac obliczona data wielkanocy:\"; cin >> rok; a = rok % 19; b = floor(float(rok)/100.0); c = rok % 100; d = floor(float (b)/4.0); e = int(b) % 4; f = floor(float(b+8)/25.0); g = floor(float(b-f+1)/3); h = int(19*a+b-d

Fixed - C++ fixed-point computing library and tools

Fixed-point computing has several uses in general and embedded computing. For general computing, it enables fractional numbers of higher precision than float or double formats, because the size of the mantissa can be chosen up to 64-bit (or higher if the architecture permits it). In the embedded and real-time DSP world, floating-point hardware is not always available. fixed is made of several distinct components : a) A header-only C++ library providing a complete new 'Q' type to replace floating

cMath - 数值计算相关



generic c++ library contains algorithm for solving Job Shop problems

c_math - random math things in c, just for math practice

random math things in c, just for math practice

cmath - experiment math game with html 5, kinetic.js

experiment math game with html 5, kinetic.js

CMATH_Calculator - Uses all the math library functions to solve math problems

Uses all the math library functions to solve math problems