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Ingit maps 2 Polish format converter for Garmin.



Related Projects

Cmap-cross-map-api - CMap is a cross map API designed to make coding and interfacing with online map

Currently, CMap can generate Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Earth KML files. There are many more advanced plans for CMap, and I intend to support it for a long time as it has a practical application for myself.Written in Php, CMap is very easy to use and the INSTALL file contains code examples of how to get CMap up and running easily and as soon as possible.

Cmapanalysis - CmapAnalysis is an extensible tool for analyzing concept maps

CmapAnalysis is a cross-platform application that enables users to define and execute analyses over sets of concept maps. The result of the analysis is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XML) containing one row for each concept map in the analyzed set with columns for each of the desired measures. Measures range from simple counts of concepts and propositions to more complex calculations such as identifying the top three most central concepts in each map. CmapAnalysis was designed with several objec

Open Type Organizer

Have a TrueType font which is not recognized by X Window? Probably, the font uses an encoding other than Unicode! Open Type Organizer (oTo) can show you font info and add new 'name' and 'cmap' tables by translating the original ones.

Pydcu - Python wrapper for Thorlabs DCU 200 series camera

PyDCU provides a Python package DCU that wraps the Thorlabs DCU200 camera driver software for Python using ctypes. The package is tested with DCU223M using windows XP. Basic UsageCode sample using matplotlib and numpy libraries. import uc480import numpy as npimport as cmimport matplotlib.mlab as mlabimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltcamera ="enter to stop")

Cmapsimport - CmapsImport extension for SMW

The main objective of this project is to develop an extension to SMW that add features like import and export, editing, discussion, negotiation and visualization of concept maps.

IHMC CmapTools Portable

This is the portable version of the IHMC CmapTools. The project has no direct association with the creators of CmapTools(non-portable). The portable version of CmapTools does not modify the original software. This means that I do not own the source code for the original software, nor have access to it.

Agropedia - A Semantic Web application for Agriculture

Agropedia is an agriculture knowledge repository of universal meta models and localized content for a variety of users with appropriate interfaces built in collaborative mode in multiple languages.

Obj-php - Object-oriented PHP

Объекты: String, Map, Number - аналоги примитивов string, array, float+integer из PHP-Core ОпиÑ�ание, ПреимущеÑ�тваВ отличии от большинÑ�тва извеÑ�тных оберток(в том чиÑ�ле в отличии от вÑ�троенного ArrayObject), которые еÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ только "демонÑ�трацией возможноÑ�тей" и базируютÑ�Ñ� на рефлекÑ�ии и лени автора - даннаÑ� Ð

Immuno-bio-rhythms - Explorations into applying NASA engineering analysis experience to Melanoma Imm

March-April 2010 postings We began with: The capabilities of Concept maps as enabled by open source CmapTools are used. Cmaps are being used to capture an engineering view of Immunobiology. This is very early exploration work. Very little has been peer reviewed. The object is to map an Immunobiology bio-view of the Immune system's response to Melanoma tumor to a linear multi-variable feedback control system math-view. The Cmaps are used as an effective means to bridge the language gaps bio vs. e

Coord - Coord is a distributed computing platform for large-scale data analyses

CoordIntroductionWhat is Coord? Quick Start How to Install How to Program Support for Other Programming Languages - java, python, php, and etc. FAQ Coord TutorialCoord Tutorial - coord tutorial (remark: see it after downloading) Demos in Coord Tutorial HOWTO Coord - Introduce how to work with Coord HOWTO Coord in Java - Introduce how to work with Coord in Java HOWTO Coord in Python - Introduce how to work with Coord in Python HOWTO Coord in PHP - Introduce how to work with Coord in PHP HOWTO Coo