CMake Editor Plug-in

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Eclipse plug-in for editing CMake files such as CMakeLists.txt. Provides syntax coloring, CMake command content assist, and the CMake command reference incorporated into the Eclipse help system. Requires Java 5 or higher and Eclipse 3.4 or higher. Use th



Related Projects

Cmaked2 - cmake for the D language

This project seeks to provide complete support for the D2 language in cmake.

Msvc2cmake - Creates a cmake project out of a visual studio solution

Creates CMakeLists.txt for a given Visual Studio Solution

Buildwiz - Build Wizard for Cmake projects

GUI written in PyGTK to build projects using Cmake

Blitz-cmake - A cmake port of blitz++ library build system

Although blitz++ is old, it cannot be replaced by alternatives, such as boost::multi_array. The auto-make build system for blitz++ is broken for state-of-art GCC distributions. This project just ports the build system to CMake. Now you can easily build blitz++ with GCC.

Ydra-cmake - CMake scripts for build ydra projects

This scripts need more test before be stable is only a start point for the build system. CMake scripts for build ydra projects. This projects provide same utility CMake scripts for build software systems. There is a short description of each file in the README file. Files are also commented. I Choose GPL-V3 but i'm not very sure what is best for this scripts. I you need help, or want comment same thing feel free to post in the user group. There is also a ebuild for install this in gentoo. CMake


A Qt frontend for cmake.

Boostcmake - BoostCMake, 简�的 CMake 构建框架, 用�加快项目的部署, 和简化 CMake

BoostCMake 是一个简�的 CMake 构建框架, 用�加快项目的部署, 和简化 CMake 构建过程. BoostCMake 适用于对外�布二进制文件的内部项目开�. 特点: 在桌�GUI软件, 控制�程�, 中大型嵌入�交�编译系统�应用过, 对简化开�过程,�高 Makefile/DSW工程文件的�维护性作用明显; Visual Studio: 自动根�目录结构创建工程树形文件列表; 支�按目录添加�文件 ( ADD_SRC_DIR � ); 支� vxWorks 5.5/6.

Rlisto - Lightweight flexible make system written in Ruby

(r)listo is a make and build utility for C++ projects. It's aim to do things like cmake and qmake do but based on Ruby and have to be more flexible and small. There is some DSL based on ruby language to configure projects therefore your config files is a ruby scripts.

Wrapmsvc - Wrapper for running the Microsoft C/C++ compiler though Wine

This program allows you to use the Microsoft C/C++ compiler (cl.exe) and related tools in a unix-like system, as if it was installed natively. Its main job is to convert unix-style paths on the command line to corresponding windows-style paths as seen from inside Wine, so the actual compiler is able to open and write files passed to it. The wrapper was tested to work with CMake, altough this requires a patch to CMake. Setup and usage instructions are in the README file in the source package.