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LIRC-aware, plain text, Unix toolset for managing mp3 playback with little user interaction. Main features: Recall last frame and track of all playlists, Load defaults from a configuration file, Transparent directory loading and recompilation.



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Convertsy - Wave Robot that Converts Units

Wave robot for automatically converting certain units: R$2.00 (USD$ ?) 10cm (?") 10km (? miles) 100kph (?mph) 100L (? gallons) The inspiration was my blog. I live now in Brazil, but know that some of my readers are North Americans and might not know the metric system very well or how much a Brazilian Real is worth. A one time I made javascript function to convert these things automatically. Here I've done the same thing with Python and a wave robot. The code looks can handle postfix and prefix u

Cyanogen-updater - Dedicated to producing an updater for cyanogen's roms

If you're looking for Themeservers, click here: If you like my work, buy me a beerUSD: EUR: CM-Updater 5.0.1 is outNow with N1 support ;) Update.json is now hosted on github CM-Updater 5.0.0 is outChanged Update Folder so theres only one Directory on SDCard (new: /sdcard/cmupdater/updates) S

Qapuas - A simple content management system for simple Qapuas websites.

Qapuas Content Management System From Pontianak, west borneo, Indonesian. basic PHP and database uses MySQL. Qapuas-cms is a website Content Management System (CMS) designed with the primary goals of being user friendly and easy to integrate, while retaining the most important features of a modern day CMS. Qapuas-cms is an opensource project licensed under the MIT license. Qapuas-cms is targeted towards the website developer who would like to quickly set up an easy to use CMS solution. Qapuas-cm

Movingobject2 - Code to analyse data from the XY table, second series of experiments

experiment: XYII_200806xxxx 10*2*5 design see: generateXYII.m 10 repetitions 2 differnt end velocities (40 & 60 cm/s) 5 differnt velocity profiles (-50 -20 0 20 50 cm/s^2) object diameter 3 cm Markers: 1 index finger 2 thumb 3 object 4 wrist Instructions: pick up the object exactly on the line drawn on the table. put it back on the table as on indicated spot alway start with joining pads of thumb and index finger Catch Fold last 3 digits and rest your hand on them Use tip of thumb and index fing

Xcmis - An extensible implementation of OASIS's Content Management Interoperability Services (CM

The xCMIS project, initially contributed to the Open Source community by eXo, is an implementation of the full stack of Java-based CMIS services. xCMIS also include the client side frameworks for integrating content from different enterprise repositories according to the CMIS standard. OASIS's Content Management Interoperability Services CMIS specification aims to standardize a Web services interface specification that will enable greater interoperability of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) s

Cmclasses - PHP Class Library

cmClassesA library of PHP 5 classes for rapid application development. Since 2007 CeuS Media has published its Code Base, written in PHP 5, after working several years on and with it. It is up-to-date and will be maintained in future. This is open source software, released under the GPL 3 license. We are proud to present version 0.7 with clear and minimal object oriented code, unit tests and documentation in several formats. Facts Feature

S2c-m3 - shellscript


Linkxs - 自己平时练习的例�

1.如果需�下载点击Downloads... 2.如果没事干,�以到我的BLOG逛逛 3.版�声明 本人作�旨在学习交�,�带有任何商业目的。 你�以任�: 修改�拷��分��呈现和表演本人作�,制作派生作�,但是�得移除 标识。 未�本人��你��将本人作�用于商业目的。 4.�系方�: QQ:694499348

Hsmpagething - hsm :)

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Android-for-jet - Android for Samsung Jet

Android Binaries for Samsung Jet! Android Files For Samsung Jet! Android Apps for Samsung Jet! etc. I'm not developing a while because I need new Jet, I think I'll never come back to port ROMs to JetDroid! :) Some ROMs is in deprecated downloads section! (them are old, bad, or something like that) EDIT: CyanogenMod 7.1RC BETA3 with working sensors (2.3.4)(New Working Link: is now my old ROM! There is Gingerbread platform binary for JetDroid from (not min

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