CM2010 Project

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Software for the Conrad/Voltcraft Charge Manager 2010 battery charger.



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Cmoon - Yet another dispensable life info website written in C. (Moved to

Neither entertainment nor sociality site, just play with useful infomation for moral person. Try to improve our convenience of daily life with trustable member. 2010-05-13 Moved to

FIM CM Extensions

Extensions for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 to enable integration between the FIM Service workflow and the FIM Certificate Management workflow.

Visual Studio Database Guide

Practical guidance for Visual Studio 2010 Database projects which is focused on Solution and Project Management, Source Control and CM, Integrating External Changes with the Project System, Build and Deploy Automation with Database Projects, Database Testing and Deployment

Todolistexample - TodoList example project

28/05/2011: En apartado download dejo unas version Flex Mobile utilizando mocks, para que no se necesite la parte de java para verlo funcionar. El siguiente proyecto es un TodoList example. Aprobechando que me meti con Mate(Flex) en un proyecto Web y que salio el FlashBuilder 4.5, vuelvo a mi viejo ejemplo de la lista de tareas (TodoList) que habia hecho para la presentacion del año 2010.

Cm-subversion - Subversion integration for FitNesse

This extension to FitNesse uses its CM_SYSTEM mechanism to save wiki pages to a Subversion repository. Written by Yuval Oren for Attributor. Contributed to the public domain April, 2010.

Enkf-nssl-commas - Non-hydrostatic atmospheric model and radar data assimilation system for convecti

The COllaborative Model for Multiscale Atmospheric Simulation (e.g., COMMAS) has been primarily developed over the last 20 years by Drs. Lou Wicker and Ted Mansell at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman OK. The code is a non-hydrostatic atmospheric model built to study supercell thunderstorms in realtively simple (usually homogenous) environments. The code has its roots in the original Klemp-Wilhelmson cloud model built at NCAR and the Univ. of IL in the late 1970s. Originally c

Xcmis - An extensible implementation of OASIS's Content Management Interoperability Services (CM

The xCMIS project, initially contributed to the Open Source community by eXo, is an implementation of the full stack of Java-based CMIS services. xCMIS also include the client side frameworks for integrating content from different enterprise repositories according to the CMIS standard. OASIS's Content Management Interoperability Services CMIS specification aims to standardize a Web services interface specification that will enable greater interoperability of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) s

Jrtf - jRTF is a simple Java API to build RTF documents and to fill RTF templates

jRTF is a simple library to generate RTF documents and to fill RTF template files. The syntax is compact and non-verbose which makes it to some kind of DSL (domain specific language) for RTF documents. It's published under the BSD license. The BasicsWrite a simple RTF document to a file: Rtf.rtf().p( "Hello World" ).out( new FileWriter("out.rtf") );Special RTF-characters like "{", "}", "\\" are encoded automatically. "\\t" will stay tab and "\" will be converted to a new paragraph. The static rt

Plastic4delphi - Plastic SCM plugin for Delphi

Plastic SCM plugin for Delphi 2010 and higher. Uses the Plastic command line client "cm.exe" in "shell" mode. (Tested with Plastic Special featuresThe plugin has some nice features: auto shelve (store on server) when a file is saved checkout question when user edits a (read only) checked in file most actions are executed async (in background) so minimal IDE delays Update21-02-2011: Version 1.0.4 is now available! checkout question for project files files not in a workspace are ignore

Pgeeltex - Classe LaTeX de formatação para teses e dissertações do PGEEL da UFSC.

NovidadesDescriçãoDocumentaçãoInstalação do PgeelTeXInstalação do AbnTeX Participe da lista de discussão!! Veja no link à direita. Novidades29/07/2011 Nova versão do Pgeeltex!! Lançada a versão 2.0 beta 6. Principais modificações: Correção de erros de formatação dos títulos das seções e subseções; Corrigido erro do exemplo-tese.tex; Outros correções. Baixe o .zip na seção de downloads ou o código fonte direto pelo SVN. 01/05/2010 Nova versão do Pgeeltex!! Lançada a

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