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clusterviz allows to cluster three-dimensional data. The clustering process is visualized using OpenGL. As clustering algorithms the family of k-means algorithms is implemented, including mixture models.



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Clusterviz-cytoscape - Clustering analysis tool for biological network

ClusterViz is a Cytoscape plugin for clustering analysis of Biological network. ClusterViz is based on MCODE and BiNGO. Thanks very much for their contribution to the community. ClusterViz has been tested on Cytoscape 2.6.X and the latest Cytoscape 2.7.0. Download the manual. 1. IntroductionClusterViz is a Cytoscape plug-in for analysis and visualization of clusters from network. Based on another Cytoscape plug-in named MCODE, three different graph clustering algorithms (FAG-EC, EAGLE and MCODE)