clucene indexing daemon

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Clucened is a project to build a daemon around CLucene, which is a C++ implementation of the Lucene search engine. This is *not* the CLucene project, but is a separate project to write a generic daemon based on CLucene.



Related Projects

CLucene - Lucene C Port

CLucene is a port of the very popular Java Lucene text search engine API. CLucene aims to be a good alternative to Java Lucene when performance really matters or if you want to stick to good old C++. CLucene is faster than Lucene as it is written in C++, meaning it is being compiled into machine code, has no background GC operations, and requires no any extra setup procedures.

CLucene - a C++ search engine

CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene: the high-performance, full-featured text search engine written in Java. CLucene is faster than lucene as it is written in C++.

Python-cylucene - Python bindings for CLucene

CyLucene provides bindings to the CLucene search engine library through the magic of Boost.Python. CyLucene 0.1 is minimally useful, and is far from a complete CLucene bridge. We’re in real need of feedback as to what features we need to expose to make the package more generally useful. You can find contact info in the readme.txt file, and can file a bug as always.

Haiku-beacon - Full text indexing and search tool for the Haiku OS.

BeaconBeacon is a full text indexing and search tool for the Haiku OS. Beacon uses CLucene as it's IR back end. To build Beacon from source, you must have the CLucene OptionalPackage installed. Currently, the OptionalPackage is available for the GCC4 build of Haiku.

Coord-clucene - Search System using Coord and CLucene

Using Coord and CLucene, we make Searching System.

Kpendak - Riset mengenai pencarian index pada jaringan lokal

Hanya untuk riset. Pencarian indexing pada sebuah komputer dapat mempercepat proses pencarian itu sendiri, ditambah lagi, indexing dapat membuat pencarian semakin tepat sasaran dengan adanya field meta tag yang terkait dengan file yang dicari tersebut. Riset ini berfokus pada hal tersebut namun dengan jangkauan jaringan lokal, sehingga memungkinkan indexing pada komputer terhubung dalam jaringan tersebut. Dengan memanfaatkan projek open-source yang sudah ada sebelumnya (Qt Framework, zeroconf, d

redland-clucene - CLucene extension for redland

CLucene extension for redland

clucene - Release history of clucene

Release history of clucene