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An exploratory attempt to understand some aspects of natural langauge processing by bulding chatbot.



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Clusterengine - CluE: An HTTPD for clusters

The goal of CluE (Cluster Engine) project is to create a scalable web service running on clusters. Processes on different nodes of clusters talk to each other by MPI (Message Passing Interface). This project is written in C to avoid overhead and to approach maximum efficiency. CluE can also be run on shared memory multi-CPU architects or single CPU machines, as long as MPI is installed. Features:Static file service CGI (GET and POST methods) FastCGI PHP (via FastCGI) Directory indexing (items ar

pajekpart facilitates the preparation of partition files (.clu) for Pajek (a network analysis tool)

What is pajekpart?pajekpart takes as its input two files: a Pajek .net file and a .cat file. The former is a standard pajek file, the latter contains information about categories to which belong the nodes listed in the former. As a result, you get a ready to use pajek partition file (.clu). Yes, no more preparing partitions by hand :-) pajekpart tries to correct on the fly some minor mistakes. For example, if a node seems not to have any category assigned, pajekpart gives a warning to stderr and

Sonex - Information and Relation Extraction from Text

SONEX (SOcial Network EXtractor) is a system for automatically extracting information networks formed by recognizable entities as well as relations among them from text (such as blogs). Some of the system capabilities include: (1) Identifying named entities in unstructured text (based on the supervised LBJ NER from UIUC); (2) Extracting co-occurring named entity pairs; (3) Building an efficient VSM to represent entity pairs using different features, and applying feature selection methods for clu

Nameparser - a PHP Name Parser

This class will parse an English Name string and break it up into it's five individual elements: first name middle name(s) last name title suffix(s) As input, it will parse a name in one of the following forms: [title] first [middle]x last [,][suffix] [,suffix]x last, [title] first [middle]x [,][suffix] [,suffix]x Where x denotes zero or more occurrences of the item. List of titles recognized by the algorithm: dr doctor miss misses mr mister mrs ms judge sir madam madame AB 2ndLt Amn 1stLt A1C C

Plyte - Another light-weight PHP MVC Framework

PlyteAnother light-weight PHP MVC FrameworkReally. They should call them PMF's from now on. This is a simple "framework" cobbled together from ideas I got from other frameworks (usual story). I have tried to simplify as many of the classes as much as possible for a core library and then the "framework" part - which is really just sugar - extends this functionality to create a framework-like vibe. So in a sense, my main focus is this core library, and the framework part is just me playing around

Speaq - An R-package for NMR spectrum alignment and quantitation

We introduce a novel suite of informatics tools for the quantitative analysis of NMR metabolomic profile data. The core of the processing cascade is a novel peak alignment algorithm, called hierarchical Cluster-based Peak Alignment (CluPA). The algorithm aligns a target spectrum to the reference spectrum in a top-down fashion by building a hierarchical cluster tree from peak lists of reference and target spectra and then dividing the spectra into smaller segments based on the most distant cluste

clu - The grid

The grid