C++ Console Tool Set

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Lightweight C++ set of utility classes including POSIX/GNU-compatible command-line argument parser, thread-safe logging service, and various utiliy classes ... Motto: simple and user-friendly!




Related Projects


The ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System is designed for solving combinatorial optimization problems, for the development of new constraint solver technology and their hybrids, and for the teaching of modelling, solving and search techniques.

Solve Logic Word Puzzles with CLP

Learn basic constraint logic programming by solving logic word puzzles. Tutorial showing 1 star to 5 star puzzles solved using the ECLiPSe-CLP language (available at http://eclipse-clp.org/). Go to http://brownbuffalo.sourceforge.net for code.


swIMP (swig-based Interfaces for Mathematical Programming) provides Java wrappers for solvers written in C or C++. The current focus is on accessing OSI-compatible linear programming (LP) solvers from the Coin-OR-project (e.g. Clp, GLPK, MOSEK, CPLEX).

Rockprinter - Rock Printer

Software para manipular a RockPrinter

Jocc - A Jess-based OCC Emotion Model Implementation

JOCCA very simple implementation of the so-called OCC model of emotional processing. It is implemented in the JESS rule language. JESS is a Java-based implementation of the famous CLIPS rule engine. Therefore, it can easily be integrated in Java programs. This implementation was developed by Michael Kipp, [http:embots.dfki.de Embodied Agents Research Group], DFKI Saarbrücken, Germany. How to installDownload the sources which consist of three files: occ.clp, test.clp and personality.txt (just go

Clpmit - CLP Bug Tracking

Bug tracking for CLP

Prettyprolog - A simple Prolog interpreter with didactic purposes

OverviewPrettyProlog is a simple Prolog interpreter with the ability to graphically show the resolution process (visualize stack and SLD tree, solve step-by-step), written in Java and suitable for use in education. It supports a few Prolog datatypes (besides the obvious constants and functors, lists, character strings and floating-point numbers are supported, though there are no built-in predicates that operate on them), a few useful system predicates, and the cut operator. System predicates can

Adosqlprompt - Universal database command line interface.

SqlPrompt is a .NET console mode application which allows you to execute SQL queries against any database supported by ADO.NET. Query output can be written to the console or to a delimited file. Connection strings are saved in a configuration file for convenience.

Pyosi - Use the COIN-OR's Open Solver Interface from python

Introductionpyosi allows you to use COIN-OR's Open Solver Interface, aka OSI, from python. What you'll be able to perform with pyosi is something like the following code: import pyOSItheSI = pyOSI.getOsiClp()#Read in an mps file. This one's from the MIPLIB library.theSI.readMps("p0033")#Solve the (relaxation of the) problemtheSI.initialSolve()#Check the solutionif ( theSI.isProvenOptimal() ): print "Found optimal solution!" print "Objective value is %f" % theSI.getObjValue() n = theSI.getNumCols


A Controlled Language Programming (CLP) compiler, runtime engine, and development IDE for writing software in a natural (but somewhat restricted) language that clearly represents the real world concerns and maps to a 3GL (Java/Groovy) for execution.