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CloudBase is a data warehouse system for Terabyte amp; Petabyte scale analytics. It is built on top of Map-Reduce architecture. It allows you to query flat log files using ANSI SQL. Visit CloudBase home page for details-



Related Projects

GoldenOrb - Scalable Graph Analysis

GoldenOrb is a cloud-based project for massive-scale graph analysis, built upon Apache Hadoop and modeled after Google's Pregel architecture. It provides solutions to complex data problems, remove limits to innovation and contribute to the emerging ecosystem that spans all aspects of big data analysis. It enables users to run analytics on entire data sets instead of samples.

Octopuscloud - Octopus Cloud Storage System

The Octopus Cloud Storage System is a software service, designed to provide a high-availability cloud-based storage solution. It supports six different S3-compatible public and private cloud storage services Amazon S3, Google Storage, Host Europe Cloud Storage, Walrus (Eucalyptus), Cumulus (Nimbus), Object Storage Swift (OpenStack).

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM enables sales, support, and marketing teams to organize and collaborate to measurably improve customer experiences and business outcomes. Vtiger CRM also includes email, inventory, project management, and other tools, providing a complete the business management suite. Download Vtiger CRM here or sign up for a free 15-day free trial of the cloud-based application with free updates and support at

OpenNebula - Data Center Management Solution

OpenNebula provides solution for building and managing virtualized enterprise data centers and cloud infrastructures to enable on-premise IaaS clouds. OpenNebula interoperability makes cloud an evolution by leveraging existing IT assets, protecting your investments, and avoiding vendor lock-in. penNebula was designed to address the requirements of business use cases from leading companies and across multiple industries, such as Hosting, Telecom, eGovernment, Utility Computing and lot more.

Compiere - Cloud based ERP

Compiere is the leading Cloud-based, open-source ERP software and customer relationship management (CRM) system. Compiere solutions provide businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with easy, flexible, low-cost access to rich functionality for managing all financial, distribution, sales, and service processes. With Compiere, customers can easily and affordably customize the solution to fit their business requirements with no or minimal programming.

Cloudomica - bioinformatics tools for the cloud

Cloudomica is a set of tools and resources for cloud-based bioinformatics analysis.

Unified Cloud API

This API aims to provide a single interface for different cloud-based services and their corresponding providers.

Silver-lining - A highly scalable cloud-based web app for data publication and subscription

SilverLining (NSF 0955076) is an experimental cloud-based architecture that publishes biodiversity data on the web in a sustainable way. Its goal is to support publishing data without the data provider having to be an expert in distributed networks, databases, and web servers. To that end, there are no servers to maintain : You simply upload your data to the cloud and it's ready to publish.

Sync2cloud - A cross-platform local-to-cloud synchronization tool

This started out as a class project for a course on cloud computing. It is a simple Java application that allows a user to select a local directory and a remote cloud-based container and will then keep the two synchronized. Currently it only supports Rackspace Cloud Files but could easily be expanded to support Amazon S3 or others.

Xcloudtool - Cloud Storage command-line tool

XCLOUD is a command-line tool can be used with a variety of cloud-based storage platforms to perform common data-access operations, such as uploading or downloading files, scanning containers, and modifying metadata or access permissions. For a complete list of supported operations, simply invoke the XCLOUD tool with the "--help" parameter: