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Cloud Pong is a pong game where you are a quot;cloudquot; and you hit quot;lightningquot;. It will have many game modes. Some of them are normal, hyper, tennis, cricket, 4-player, and 4-player hyper. (DEAD FOR NOW)



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Epidemy - Epidemy : Viral Clouds of Scala Actors

BEWARE: Epidemy is in its infancy, pretty much everything is yet to be written ! Epidemy distributes Scala programs "virally" accross local networks : any node you plug will automatically be infected by the Epidemy-powered programs running on the cluster. Epidemy is a trivial "plug-and-scale" solution for Scala Remote Actors, but its uses can be wider-scoped (centralized maintenance of heterogeneous machines...). Think of Epidemy as a way of transparently distributing server-applets. It also tri