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JavaScript 'class' facilitating and simplifying the process of cloning complex blocks of HTML code inside webpages - automatically increments proper ID and NAME values, adds event listeners and deletion links, helps nesting clones within clones, etc.



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Gist-gclone - GClone

A deep copy library in java Usage Cloner cloner=new Cloner(); ... cloner.deepClone(o);

Cloning - Java Deep-Cloning library

SummaryThe cloning library is a small, open source (Apache licensed) Java library which deep-clones objects. The objects don't have to implement the Cloneable interface. Effectively, this library can clone ANY Java object. It can be used i.e. in cache implementations if you don't want the cached object to be modified or whenever you want to create a deep copy of objects. Here is an example of its usage: Cloner cloner=new Cloner();MyClass clone=cloner.deepClone(o);// clone is a deep-clone of oIMP

Dbcloner - Demonstraiting Weak Dropbox Client Authentication

AboutdbCloner takes advantage of the weak client authentication used by Dropbox. Using dbCloner it is possible to clone other people's Dropbox accounts (without their password) and maintain access even if the accounts password is changed. Optionally the program can upload the credentials to a remote server (example server code included). Supported PlatformsCompatible with Windows, and most versions of Linux. DependenciesPSUtil (Optional) RequirementsPython 2.7

Aphillips - Miscellaneous Java projects by Andrew Phillips

A collection of Java projects and utilities written by Andrew Phillips, amongst others: @Composite Business Objects Dynamic Enum Graph Traverser Hibernate Cloner Add the following repository to your POM to reference these projects as Maven dependencies. <repository> <id>qrmedia-releases</id> <url></url> <snapshots> <enabled>false</enabled> </snapshots></repository><repository> <id>qrmedia-snapshots</id> <url>http://aphillips.googlecode

Behaim - Java Object Graph Explorer

Behaim uses Java reflection to explore an object graph up to a configurable recursion depth. FeaturesExtensible with custom visitors Multi-threaded graph exploration Re-use of meta data about an already explored object graph Provided VisitorsBuilder: instantiate an object graph Logger: log an object graph (pending) Cloner: clone an object graph (pending RequirementsJava 5 or above Maven 2.2.1 or above PopulatorThe structure of the created objects is configurable and defaults to filling all objec

Gzid - GZid Identity Server

GZid -aussi appelé GKZID- est un gestionnaire d'identités pour Internet. Il est capable de centraliser le système de connexion de plusieurs sites sur un seul serveur, et ce de manière sécurisée par un secret partagé. GZid est surtout destiné à être utilisé sur les sites d'une seule et même organisation, il permet en effet -pour le moment- uniquement l'échange d'un nom d'utilisateur. Les autres informations seront accessibles par le biais d'une API. TéléchargementVisitez la page Do

Parangon - Langage de programmation dynamique (aka Linotte 2.0)

DescriptionParangon est un langage de programmation dynamique dont la principale caractéristique est l'approche "prototype" intrinsèque au langage. Tout est objet, tous les objets sont des prototypes (le programme lui-même est un prototype). Ce langage est en cours de conception. Voici le cahier des charges : à l'instar du langage Linotte, le langage est interprété, un programme, un nombre, un texte, un tableau sont des prototypes, le langage ne sait que construire des prototypes, un proto

Mis-scripts - Mis Scripts

Diferentes scripts que voy creando para solucionarme la papeleta. ClonerEs una utilidad que hace poco que he creado me sirve para tener imagenes de las maquinas que clono con udpcast. udpcast tiene un pequeño problema si no usas imágenes es que si en esa maquina ya han trabajado te puedes encontrar que a la próxima restauración de una maquina que funcione este llena de mierda ( Archivos de los usuarios , alguna que otro virus etc) La instalación es muy fácil tienes de instalar udpcast esta

Openaegix - An user friendly Incremental Backup app for Mac OS X

Open AegiX (or just AegiX) is an open source solution for Mac OS X to create incremental backups using UNIX tools. We want to create a user friendly and powerful way to mirror your system (apps, preferences, documents...) Why are we working on it? 1) We do not like Apple's Time Machine. 2) iBackup is a great application but we consider that it is a little hard to create easy incremental backups with it. Alternate products to AegiX: 1) iBackup (recommended): 2) C

Ucloner - Backup/restore/clone your Ubuntu, and make Live-Ubuntu. Ubuntu 系统备份����克

IntroductionUCloner is a backup/restore/clone tool designed for Ubuntu Linux. In some way it's just like Norton Ghost for Windows. With UCloner you can backup your Ubuntu system to a squashfs image file. Directly from this image file you can boot up a PC into a so-called "Live Ubuntu" environment (need "casper" package). An active ubuntu system can clone itself into a/some target partition(s) with the help of UCloner. Remember Agent Smith in Matrix ? yeah, that's it. It has both command line and