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Visual Basic 6/MySQL - This is a client/server application. Users and Admin users can clock in and clock out to keep track of hours worked. Use it for a project to keep track of billable hours or for your employees to make sure they are at work on time.



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Chclockin - Simple Timeclock Program

Simple timeclock program for employees to clockin and clockout, print up reports to see how many hours they've worked this week, and allow admin to edit time for when people forget to clock in/out, then print reports for payroll

Timeness - Quick-n-dirty timecard (clock in / clock out) app; shows real-time earnings

On my first day of work, I threw together this little app that lets me clock in/clock out, and performs extremely accurate time calculations for hourly workers. It updates to show you how much money you're making in real-time and gives you motivation to get through your day :) Currently hourly rates, etc. are hardcoded at the top of Form1.cs.

Django-Punch-Clock - Python powered clock-in & clock-out program

Python powered clock-in & clock-out program

clockout - Log your hours worked using Git

Log your hours worked using Git

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