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Cloak is a Windows Command Line wrapper library written in .Net that supports executing your commands and sending the output, back to your application. It also povided access to last error.



Related Projects

OSADS Alliance Database

Osads is a free OpenSource Alliance-Database for the german MMOG Space-Pioneers. You can administrate the members, cloak-and-dagger reports, expanses of ruins and so on. You can also define your own stylesheets and individual rights for each member.

Affiliatelinkcloaker - Bryce's Link Cloaker

A simple flat file PHP script to cloak affiliate links

Capibara Distributed Url Cloaking Kit

Software for reliable url cloaking system using low q.o.s hosts and lines such as home PC's and dsl or cable connections. CDUCK combined DNS-server and webserver functionality and strict security for the creation of reliable domain web cloaking.

Pallium - Framework provides security, swing mvcmodel, mybatis-generator plugin and much more

palliumWhat is it?Pallium is collection of projects to facilitate rapid java/j2ee application development. cloakThe base framework which includes Service Integration Security Encryption Data Transformation Data Validation Business Domain Validation Exception Handling Messaging Logging Event Handling Configuration Management Presentation cloak-servicegenProvides a plug-in for the mybatis-generator. The plug-in generates a CRUD spring service for each table. The service is one level of abstraction


Provides steganographic cloaking for scripts and other data by interspersing sensitive lines with ANSI codes to clear themselves after drawing on a terminal. Front data, commented-out, is displayed instead.

Project-narwhal - Student game development project in java

ABOUTCodename Project Narwhal is a Student developed computer game with an arcade spaceship genre. Developed in JAVA under the GNU public license v3. Game resources was made by the developers or from other open source projects with permission. Don't take credit of our work, but do otherwise whatever you want with it. Enjoy! Johan Jansen and Anders Eie TODO LISTList of things we didn't have time to finish. Or were too lazy to finish. MAJOR TODO: Uber antimatter rockets Tetiary weapon for campaign

Litesite-framework - Website Development Framework

LiteSite is a browser based answer to the rise of apps in the Internet. LiteSite represents a PHP based website development framework with a strong focus to master the fragmentation of surfing devices with one website only. During the last years no browser-based answer was found to master the plethora of new surfing devices and platforms what finally ended in the wallet garden approach of web apps. LiteSite was developed to provide web-developers and web-designers a powerful multi-serving tool w

Chrismckee-project-bay - Where I leave Shit to Rot - Old Projects by Chris McKee

New GNU/MIT Licenced Scripts - Chris McKeeJQUERY PLUGINSjQuery.fuFade (jQuery Optimized Slideshow)Currently on my GitHub jQuery.fuGMAPS (jQuery Google Maps Plugin) r0.0.3.2Handles Address GeoCoding + Info window (text or iframe) Long Lat + Info window (text or iframe) Map-Type Selection Need to add MarkerXML and KML(XML); might integrate GreyBox functionality as alternative to infowindow. Added auto-popup change to the XML parser so in the event that the popup type is iFrame but the XML HTML con

Dustflingermod - This is a pack of tribes2 mods created by Dustflinger & team

This mod pack is to include: - Multiple Construction packs - New Meltdown 3: - New weapons - New weapon modes - Now adding improved seige weapons - Mitzi-Blast Cannon receiving an update and new Modes - New packs - now able to - Balanced Gameplay - Redesigned Capture the Flag system - - Improved Deployment Building System for Blastwalls, Force feilds, etc. - Adding Spec-Ops Armor - Fast Speed and cloaking, but with nerfed weps - New Maps and models - New weapons skins - New player skins

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