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A schema validator for the CLiXML (Constraint Language in XML) schema constraint language. The constraint language allows to do semantic tests on an XML document. The validator is written in java and uses jdom.



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Openclixml - A validator for the clixml schema language.

This project implements the clixml schema language specification and offers a validator checking on validity against such clixml schemas.

Xdv - XML Document Validation using CLiXML - mixture of first order logic and XPath

SummaryXML Document Validator is a Java based implementation of CLiXML - Constraint Language in XML. It allows to express complex constraints about XML content using a mixture of first order logic and XPath. CLiXML is much more powerful that XML-Schema or RelaxNG and simpler to understand and use than Schematron. Visit Project Home Site for more information - Key featuresJava API (Java 1.5). Many errors in one go - validation does not stop at first constraint